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Snowboarding's Most Intense Competition Yet | Red Bull Heavy Metal 2023

Returning after last year’s contest revival, Red Bull Heavy Metal saw Detroit’s iconic Hart Plaza transformed into a street snowboarding arena unlike any other. Over 40 of the world’s top rail riders descended upon the city to take turns in the day-long rail jam that took place across three designated zones, each feature heavier than the next.

First up: The Wall, a 20 ft slab of concrete that played host to those looking to send it to the top. Next, The Kink Rail, the contest’s most technical section featuring a flat down kink rail descending a steep set of stairs, wedged between the walls of Hart Plaza. Riders ended at The Down Rail, a 50 ft down rail straight into the depths of Hart Plaza amphitheater, where things got heavy and riders put it all on the line for the contest finale.
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  1. No one is "too cool" to wear a helmet


  3. Wil🪖na Catharina. Je zus? Hoe zit het met de 🤕?😅

  4. Why are women in this sport..?

  5. Only a matter of time… wear a fucking helmet for gods sake, props to those who did

  6. I remember they did this at Niagara Falls conventions in 2000 or 2001 I forget it was so long ago

  7. That flip by the guy in the green shirt was out of this world.

  8. Who is the guy in green shirt?

  9. When zeb puts on a helmet it's boutta get real

  10. this is pretty much Thrasher Bust or Bail just on snowboards. fire!

  11. This is so skate video from the 90s. I'm not a snowboarder but I couldn't stop watching.

  12. Third event was garbage its literally just a rail how are they supposed to be creative and do anything other than 5 default grinds?

  13. snowboard style's gotten so whack… sloppy chaos

  14. this is like IMYTA inline

  15. so why cant add there a skateboard, just because of the snow? lol

  16. As a ex-skateboarder, thinking, in general, about having your board strapped to your feet sounds like a breeze. In skateboarding, having your board stay perfectly under your feet, or return back under your feet, is 85% the battle. Although, in reality, I can fakie big flip a hefty 10 set but strap me into a snowboard and I struggle to stand in place or slowly ride down a small incline. I guess its all what youre use to.

  17. hell yeah so proud to see detroit poppin like this

  18. People who think they're too cool for helmets 🤪

  19. The idiots without helmets should she checked for brain damage!!

  20. sadly this headline isn't why they call it Destroit…

  21. Thanks Red Bull for not being woke!

  22. Buncha amateurs dont know what a helmet is it could save save your life one day rookies

  23. whose that i’m tweaking chick hahahaha

  24. when tf did this happen? damn wish i wouldve known about it

  25. I feel like most people went down the rail way too fast 😂 way too sketchy

  26. I really wish RedBull enforced the use of helmets in their events. Ok the drip is important but heh

  27. Damn those are some badass tricks but those quick cuts are annoying as hell, can barely tell what's going on

  28. Ryan Paul should've won. His trick selection was crazy and so stylish compared to everyone else.

  29. Geile scheisse …horny sh*T ..greez from the ALPS

  30. I’m a skateboarder and I came solely for the slams 😂 but I respect the hell out of these people. This shit is insane.

  31. This reminds me of ecw lol, so extreme

  32. These are definitely the best snowboarding events. Idk about y'all but when the vibes in the park are like this everyones going 10x harder

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