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M1 R22/R23 JNTUH CALCULUS || Rolle's Theorem Concept & Problems || Rolles Theorem in telugu ||

this topic is related to mean value theorems.so many examples and previous papers questions are explained here.

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  1. Mam oka chinna doubt 2,problem lo f(-2) =f(3) ela equal ayindhi 3rd step

  2. By following this videos any one got good score in m1(91++) :

  3. Thank u for ur phenomenal classes mam

  4. mam i need a module 2,3,4 playlist

  5. Thank u so much mam for such a good explaination

  6. Kani Video clarity gaa ravataledhu madam

  7. Madam super gaa cheputhunaru

  8. Thank you for your hard work mam. It helped me a lot. Very much appreciated ❤

  9. Mam pls keep focus on cam mam
    Some times it was blur mam

  10. Idiot,why won't you provide all free classes,you can still gain money

  11. Super madam great explain thank madam ❤❤ super

  12. Thank you mam, explain to there concept good 😇

  13. I am from Andhra University.Watching two days before sem M1 exam. My doubt was clarified after watching this video.

  14. mam ivanni daily life lo ekkada upoyoga padtundhi?

  15. Mam,jntuh correction offline or online

  16. Mam auto focus off cheyyandi

  17. Watched all your m1 videos before exam

    Feels lil confidence now🖤🤍🫶🏻🤍💪

  18. Mam verification of rollles theorem antey e sum chyyacha

  19. Blue pen 2nd line -√2 chudu akka

  20. mam im R18 batch and i have only m1 and m2 DM and COSM backlogs. i cant find m1 unit-3,4,5 on channel. please share links. only r22 is there

  21. Your explanation is excellent mam your videos is help ful

  22. Madam maths madam class lo 2 times cheppindhi kani ardam kale…
    Aslu roles theroem ante anto ani….okka video tho full clarity vacchysindhii tqqq madam…..
    Ma frinds ki share chesi vallki ardam ayinttu cheyyali.. once again tqqqq madm

  23. Madam f(a) not equal to f(b) kadha, madam kani meru equal ani rasaru ,1 question

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