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How to Record Computer Desktop and Streaming Video with VLC Player

How to Record your Computer Desktop Screen with VLC Player

VLC is a free bit of software that can play all your movies and stream all your content on the internet. But what if you want to record your computer screen? well VLC has you covered, it does a pretty good job and recording your desktop and streaming videos. I will show you step by step guide on How to Record / Capture Your Screen With VLC Media Player
Download link: https://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-windows.en-GB.html

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  1. what about setting the audio codec etc?

  2. There seem to be 2 major problems with the procedure for capturing the desktop. One, is that the audio is not captured. Two, is that neither are the cursor movements. If I'm trying to make a video to demonstrate how to do something in Windows, I need the cursor to be shown so people can see what I am clicking on. Any suggestions?

  3. I'm trying to capture an episode of an HBO show that I already own. Nothing captures but the very beginning screen, otherwise no video and no audio. Is this because it is HBO?

  4. After scrolling through the comments it's clear that many encountered the same "no audio" problem and consequently asked for help, but the only audible sound that followed was produced by crickets…😒

  5. Small but vital problem: Capturing desktop screen went A-Okay, however, there was no audio, what am I doing wrong?? Tanks.

  6. if only it worked… im on linux and at doesnt work

  7. Does VLC have a version for Apple devices?

  8. Hard to follow. Can't see where your clicking. Your mouse is all over the place.

  9. I also could not get audio output. Pl give a solution
    Thank you

  10. When using this method to capture the screen using VLC 3.0.16 a .mp4 file is generated but iit is under 1000 bytes for a 51 sec clip.

  11. This is not a VideoLAN (VLC) product. In other words, it's a hack. Good or bad don't care. Don't download.

  12. Great tutorial, well explained. Easy to understand and follow. Thanks…

  13. i need your help i have a dual monitor screen where i have two i want to stream my feed on the second screen and not the first one how do i do that on vlc like im getting nowhere and no matter what i do it keeps showing on both screens on recordings

  14. hello thanks for your tutorial but i tried this method i have recorded live stream video but no sound how to fix it? thank you

  15. it worked on me but the video is lagging i dont know why

  16. the audio doesn't come out

  17. The steps you describe records the video, but no matter what I try it is not recording the audio. What are the steps for recording the audio as well as the video?

  18. I tried this, it records the video but no audio and followed the steps you have shown

  19. I tried this and the files recorded in MP4 do not play with VLC.

  20. this worked for me and i want to say THANK YOU !! i followed another tutorial and it was good but i messed up . i followed yours step by step , with vlc open next to utube , click for click word for word , PERFECT… guys this will work , think positive! game bar is good but it wont work on some sites …….. nov 3 2020

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