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Multi Camera Live Stream Setup For Churches and Live Events

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In this video Omar from Think Media walks you through our Multicam Live streaming setup for live events. This Multiple Camera setup is for top level professionals who want a great Multiple Camera Live Streaming Setup.

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  2. At my church, we use cameras that are controlled by a console in the booth, not people

  3. Can we substitute sdi with cat6 cables???

  4. How do you get the cameras to show the same when they are different cameras? Like the ISO etc.?

  5. Question for you, If you go to 9:39 on this video, you have a camera in the background on what looks like a custom broadcast stand. Is that something that was purchased or did you have that built? A video on that would be great, as sometimes a tripod takes up too much room with the legs and alternatives would be an interesting video. Thanks.

  6. What slider and wireless transmitters are you using?

  7. How do you switch different camera angles for a prerecorded service instead of using a switcher during a livestream.

  8. I am so proud of ThinkMedia. God bless you for the work you do in His Kingdom.

  9. For outdoor sport livestream on facebook or youtube what configuration do you recommand ?

  10. Its great this content !! I want to apply it to my church in central america

  11. Think media out here answering all my specific questions in one video ✊

  12. Any ideas on how to stream to Instagram as well? We use restream to stream to Facebook and YouTube

  13. do you think the sony zv e 10 is good for church camera or do you recommend another sony camera?

  14. 07:14 I think you're talking about the Yolobox monitor and switcher 👍🏻😇

  15. Very Informative thank you!

  16. I would really love to know how you guys integrate video conferencing (Zoom, etc.) to show in house, online and to the person being conferenced in so smooth. Please ……

  17. What are the specs for your Mac that runs propresenter

  18. Everybody explains the live stream setups and focus a lot on cameras but very few people talk much about setup of the wireless handheld mics used by talent in the majority of their shots! LOL

  19. how do you match the wireless video signal to the sdi video signals, getting a low latency result?

  20. Hi!what comms software or hardware are you using? Is it already built in the switcher?

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