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Easy Live Streaming Setup For Beginners

Learn how to easily prepare your first live stream with this setup video for beginners. ****** Get $10 OFF your first month of Streamyard HERE ➡️http://streamwiththink.com/

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📒 Show Notes 📒


1️⃣ 00:49 HD Webcam
Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 ➡️ https://geni.us/1X7Bhr (Amazon)

2️⃣ 1:37 USB Microphone
Blue Yeti X USB Microphone ➡️ https://geni.us/c4Wj (Amazon)
Blue Yeti X (Video) ➡️ https://youtu.be/CIlUV-Oakt0

3️⃣ 2:36 Live Streaming Software
Streamyard ($10 off your first month) ➡️ http://bit.ly/thinkstreamyard

4️⃣ Soft Box Lighting Kit ➡️ https://geni.us/drJlE (Amazon)

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7️⃣ Streamyard Tutorial for Beginners:

8️⃣ How to Live Stream with a Video Camera or DSLR

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———Cameras and Gear Used To Shoot This Video ——-

Think Media 4K Video Gear Checklist:

Music provided by MusicBed. Start your free trial here ➡️ http://bit.ly/MusicBedThinkMedia

In this live stream setup video Heather Torres from Think Media, shows her budget live streaming setup for 2020. This live streaming setup is great for beginners to learn what they need to level up their live streams. This streaming setup will also be simple to execute with and get you started in minutes with a higher quality stream.

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  1. Question of the Day ⚡ What platform do you currently go live on?? Let us know! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 *

    Check out our FREE live streaming tips & equipment video series HERE 👉https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgc0GNip2uYU1DBQ5uUpFwLGELQ6VmPdb

  2. 1. Do you have to have a separate software in order to share your screen? 2. How do you move yourself to the side of the screen when you share your screen? I watch a youtube channel regularly, and the person doesn't seem to know how to move herself over to the side. I don't know how to do it, so I don't know how to explain to her how to do it. LOL

  3. I need to know the name of thing that can move your computer monitor easily.

  4. How do u set up camera to computer while live streaming

  5. Qs IF you get you Mic on a Day Can you Still Steam With no Mic?

  6. Want to start a study with me live streaming youtube channel. Can anyone pls tell me how to do it? With a webcam is this possible? Or do I have to have a good quality camera for that?? I have only 1 laptop and 1 mobile phone. With this is it possible to start live streaming??

  7. thanks for the video..and damn your cute…LOL..

  8. Thanks newbie here, want to make a set up soon….

  9. Danke,for dis informative tutorial…THINK MEDIA

  10. I enjoy your videos a lot. I have 2 Logitech HD C920 cameras. I wander if I can stream using 2 camera? If I log in first in Logitech I get a message saying another application is using your camera when I go to Go Live on you tube. Please help

  11. You all are an Amazing Team!

  12. I’m overwhelmed. First time using tech! I teach music and want to live stream! Gonna have questions! Earned a subscriber. I dig your attention to detail and the further explanations of topics and terms! Aloha

  13. thanks it meant for me as a new creator

  14. Im here because i want to pursue my Dream to become livestreamer to support my Finances and to buy my own house.

  15. انا حابه صير ستريمر بس مو عارفه كيف او من وين ابلش؟؟؟

  16. But… before I get into that… Stop it already!

  17. This is a great video, was looking for something straight forward not too much explanation. I’m buying the products in this video based on how well explained this lady made it. Awesome 👍

  18. I just wanna livestream my 13 rats

  19. But many are using elgato for streaming,,
    Which one you think better

  20. Funny you don't mention light setting, even cheap IKEA desk light and led bulbs can improve the live streaming experience…

  21. I was planning to start a YouTube channel since 2015 but I had no confidence. After being encouraged by someone, I started regretting not starting years ago lol but anyways thanks for the tips! But I might only go live after a year lol

  22. You didn’t touch on lighting? 😕

  23. This video is another reason I'm glad I didn't join the master class which y'all are constantly advertising. Like in this video, you provide just enough general information, and leave out specifics to leave the person needing your paid help from masterclass to fill in the blanks that you intentially left out.
    I understand that you have a family to feed and need to pay the bills, but I feel like you are exploiting peoples need for help in learning.

  24. I like ur jacket!! the bomber one

  25. YouTube or Facebook
    Twitch, just…twitch

  26. Planning to go live streaming in Q1 of 2021. Thank you for this video Ms Torres and Happy New Year to the THINK MEDIA Team.

  27. I've only gone Facebook Live so far.

  28. How do you get your followers to know you'll be going live?

  29. Thanks for this information. About to start a weekly livestream as a family. This is a great set of tips to help us get started with our YouTube livestreams. Thanks!

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