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watch the complete video for more analyses by Harsh Dhaka.

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  1. Stay away from honey trap

  2. Mera bhi aya tha video 😂😂😂 ulta unko viral krne ko bolo 😂

  3. That's why self awareness is necessary

  4. Sir i git frauded for 4 lac please help me

  5. 9:34 Me turning off my camera and microphone access immediately…

  6. 6:31 Oh, wait a second. I might have a whatsapp message like that from a girl…
    I don't know why I got it when I'm a straight girl. Then again, people usually won't know from my profile cause it has no hint of either gender…

  7. Bhaiya I am just 14 and a week ago I recieved a message on Instagram from a girl and she firstly talked normal but a few minutes ago she said me that would you do sex online with me and you had to pay so maine uski gaaliya di aur report or block kar diya kya maine sahi Kiya please mujhe bata do reply kar ke

  8. 10% creator ko aur 90 % company

  9. Thanks bhai cause of your video mein is se bhach gaya. ❤❤❤

  10. Hello sir !! Thanks for this topic… . I want to know exactly whether they can do anything or not by using my video / photos as one of my relative trapped in this video call trap

  11. लोग बहुत अकेले पड़ गए हैं। अकेलापन अच्छा नहीं होता। मोबाइल हर ज़रूरत पूरी नहीं कर सकता है जी।।

  12. 14:20 bas…. Yahi sunna tha… Ab sara dar khatam 😂😂😂😂😂
    {Joke joke}

  13. I never saw a thief telling how he loots people….

  14. Aisa ek call muje bhi instagram pe aaya tha ladki ne uska name jannifer from Delhi bataya tha, wo muje bar bar kapde utarne k liye insist kr rhi thi, main bhi memer hu maine poori shakhti (thanks zakir bhai) rakhi or uske janse me nhi fansa 😮‍💨🙂🗿

  15. My friends to me = Tujhe kis baat ka ghamand hai 🙃🙃🙃
    Me to my friends = Facebook and Instagram na chalane ka 😎😎😎 Only , youtube chalane ka

  16. Really its sad reality of our society.

    Its more on Telegram and WhatsApp.

  17. Awesome video bro👏🙌

  18. Today people are becoming the slave of their lust, greed and ego

    Indians kitna gir chuka hai

  19. finally a good content creator

  20. The government should block these Apps – and should review them monthly.

  21. This happened to me recently and I was so afraid it would ruin my image but the extorter had all my family members socials by their fingertips i didn’t know what to do. So unfortunately I paid up. I came in contact with the “girl” through dating app and things got kinky through video calls I didn’t think much of it since I thought we would meet up one day. I wish I was brought up to this video sooner, unfortunately the damage had been done I will help you Harsh and fight these vermins with you so no one should experience this

  22. Boys are paying girls, thats why girls are doing it. Once boys will stop using this girls will stop it 🛑

  23. Main bhi uni mein ek hu matlab main inexperienced hu aur mere saath scam hu facebook pe lekin maine waha kiski aur ka nude photo net se lekar dey dia aur use vishwas ki woh mera photo hai 🫢aur uss scaamer ne bhi apne nude photo share kia mujhe lekin maine nahi dia apne mujhe thora odd laga

  24. 👿🤬😡😠

  25. Aewsome content..please make a video on online frauds

  26. Maturity is when u finally realize that online dating and relationships like this can causes to breath as well …near to unlived (pls kindly dont install that apps)

  27. Thank bhai for being aware of some dark side of Internet

  28. Sir what a knowledge full talk…❤❤

  29. Guys please turn to god suffering will end apne man ko apne soul ko connect karo

  30. Netherland jaise goverment ko kuch karna chahiye tha yaar sex keliye ye sab karne ki kya jarurat hai

  31. Agar Mai hota Maine kehena dha ok Kardo 😂😂😂😂

  32. Meri v video viral krne ko blackmail kr rhi

  33. Lovely video harsh bhai aise hi aur scams ko expose kijiye jo logo ko pata hi nahi hai aaj kal WhatsApp miss call ka scam aya hai international no. Se calls arahe hai logo ko.

  34. W@tch ékx mû$leem$ vid on youtube.

  35. this is still cheaper than having a gf 😂😂😂😂

  36. they have more ways to blackmail you, like i know case where they tell , you to follow them (instagram) and they take ss of your, all following accounts, and they threaten to send them all your things

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