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[OBS Ninja] Your phone as webcam? FREE, NO APP, IOS & ANDROID.

The big secret behind the trick is obs.ninja

Type ‘obs.ninja’ onto your URL tab on your browser and follow the instructions.
DOES IT WORK ON MY laptop, tablet, smartphone, second laptop…?
Yes, any device that has an internet connection,
has an internet browser (Chrome preferably) and has a camera/microphone.

My Go-to Online Store:
https://geni.us/Iw6nZ – (Amazon) Paid Link*

Want me to check out some tech or interested in collaborating?
email me: thetechnotice@gmail.com

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Video produced by Lauri Pesur
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  1. I want to do YouTube Livestream on my channel by using my phone as a webcam on my computer. Can you use it during Livestream YouTube? Because until I get enough subscribers I can't just use my phone like I would like so I have to do it on my computer to start with but I don't want to buy a phone and a webcam. Please answer my question as soon as you can please darlin πŸ’‹

  2. Does your phone try to auto focus using VDO?

  3. Cant see how to share to the phone. You just mentioned

  4. Can we Do irl stream with it ??

  5. I saved a lot of $$$$$ jjust now

  6. actually its work, but my autofocus cannot use when i touch the screen that i need to focus. or maybe i was missing something to sett idk

  7. Can you show another strategy using camera phone without internet network, feel lagging on slow connection, maybe we can use bluetooth or usb connecting camera to pc etc

  8. How can I see my y x phone?

  9. Excellent and helpful thank you!!!

  10. somehow my school hasnt blocked this on their proxy and as i have no app store this was the only way. very straight forward and easy to follow, cheers

  11. This was a great help, thank you so much! Wondering if there is a way to do this with audio as well? Other than the iphone, can microphones be "remotely" added somehow? Looking to stream throughout my household with ninja phone camera and a remote microphone while my PC in my office handles the stream.

  12. How do you do that in reverse? To use obs studio camera capture device as the camera on your phone?

  13. Amazing bro, just working!!!! You ROCK!!!

  14. is there anyway for it to be a 4k quality ?

  15. Dude! Thank u!!!! this has saved me time and money!

  16. This is sick. Thank you for this!!

  17. bro thank u i don't have to buy webcam

  18. How's the quality of this as compared to droidcamx?

  19. So – Looks cook, however, Privacy concerns, if the video is streaming through this service on the internet that means you feed could be saved or viewed by a non intended audience?

  20. how i use this method for my zoom meetings

  21. Hold on! 2:13 What are you sending to what?
    Have you send an e-mail to yourself with the link?
    Because either I am missing something or you can can't copy something in Windows and then paste it in Android.
    Please explain!

  22. I’m using for top down over piano keyboard and the keys look yellowish …. Can I adjust white balance ? Or brightness ?

  23. thank you so much for this video πŸ˜€

  24. please what app did you use on your phone to share your camera

  25. Please am having issues πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜­ after connecting it throug my web browser on obs … It doesn't show or connect to my phone camera

  26. Youtube tutorials should be like this, straight to the point!

  27. finally a tecnique that work for me, after 4 hours

  28. Does this work for 2 phobes in 1 livestream as well?

  29. question is if we can change exposure and other filters. can you help?

  30. That's sweet! thanks much.. I was too much worried that all my subscribers were complaining about my audio during youtube live stream. Finally i installed obs software into my desktop but no clue how to cast/connect my phone camera. thought to buy an webcamera today and finally you saved me 100euro. Thanks much buddy! take care! Love from Ireland (IE).

  31. Wow thanks for this video. I know I'm 2yrs late but this is one of those gems I needed πŸ’œ

  32. Thanks. I like this option. I usually use OBS and Zoom together to stream. OBS Ninja doesn't show up as a camera choice in Zoom. Can OBS Ninja be introduced to the mix? If so, how would you accomplish that?

  33. to the admin, how to add more than 1 remote camera to obs ninja? TIA


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