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कैसे कमाते है और कितना कमाते हैं 😮 How Much I Made On Superchat live | stripchat Live

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Lindsey Banks speaks on how a webcam model can improve offline earnings by exposing and selling content on Stripchat. She also shows how easily a cam model can choose a preferred payout method to receive weekly payments via bank transfers or any other way. Enjoy this video to understand better how you can boost your passive income with Stripchat even while being offline

How Much I Made On Stripchat | First Week

Selling content, ensuring passive income, and receiving payouts on Stripchat and superchat live



  1. Your information is totally wrong. The said their website that they take only 11 percent and give the model 89 percent. Though it's not believable

  2. Nahi yaar aisa nahi hota, 50% deta hai stripchat ka aur per token ka on average agar hisaab karo toh 4 rupees milta hai it totally depends on dollar price, mey khud model hun, agar stripchat dekhte ho toh janogeh, indian lisa.

  3. Isme police ka reaction kya milta hai

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