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Should you fap to: Projekt Melody

It’s a community chosen 17th episode of Should you fap to, where I can finally tell my classmates that it’s not that I don’t WANT to show them my super hot 10/10 girlfriend from another school. It’s just that she’s a virtual camgirl, so bringing her outside is a little difficult, no bro she can’t come on discord to say hi, she’s busy whenever you’re awake, but when you’re sleeping we have e-sex like, all the time haha

Go check out Melody, not linking to her chaturbate here as I also want my youtube channel around for at least another couple of weeks:

Her “History of Hentai” video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roM3N42UX-k

Links to various V-tubers mentioned in the video/ones that I enjoyed watching, why did I browse for so many random V-tubers for a video about Melody? Well that’s none of your damn business is it now:
SilverVale: https://twitter.com/_Silvervale_
Zentreya: https://twitter.com/zentreya
Iron Mouse: https://twitter.com/Iron_Mouse
Mira Pink: https://twitter.com/Mira_Pink
FeFe: https://twitter.com/CovfefeChan
Comdost: https://twitter.com/comdost_art
Baguette-Chan: https://twitter.com/baguette_chan
Ghost Data (not a vtuber but he makes some dope music): https://twitter.com/GHOSTDATA_
Dannii: https://twitter.com/DanniiKunn
Yin: https://twitter.com/goodluckyin
YuiKai: https://twitter.com/YuikaiChan
Kitsune Katsumi: https://twitter.com/Katsumi_Kitsune
Natsumi Moe: https://twitter.com/Vtuber_Moe
Kai: https://twitter.com/nemurenai_kai
CVority: https://twitter.com/cvority
OtaChan: https://twitter.com/OtachanShow
Zone-tan: https://twitter.com/zone_tan
Okay I’m just gonna stop there, toss me a DM if you want some more

The “HNNG” footage is taken from Gigguk’s Darling in the Franxx video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYY7YM3E9aw

The ending is pretty heavily inspired (read shamelessly stolen) from Clockwork’s Cat girl video, pretty good video btw, he’s much better at spouting bullshitty nonsense than I lol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mf8rwwBHzl0

Thanks to Jimmi/Komari for providing yet another thumbnail by working his infamous “15-minute gimp magic”

Twitter: https://twitter.com/YaBoyHart
Discord: https://discord.gg/SBVFjcH
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Hartvigen

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  1. You and Project Melody make me want to kms. Like she should be JFK'd

  2. Nice. I blacklist you for good

  3. wonderful video "//no*y& t's good

  4. I love that ironmouse is deathmouse

  5. We still like her honestly if im being honest because im honest…

  6. The yuru yuri girls are so cute XD

  7. I tunned into one of melody's adult streams at random, and she litterally just argued about indian curry with chat for 10 minutes. Actually pretty enjoyable.

  8. I related to this so much bro, I wanna Smash her way too much bro

  9. Rewatching this almost 3 years later when Mouse is now a top 2 streamer on Twitch in terms of viewing hours is so crazy, really forgot about the humble beginnings of some of the VShojo members

  10. she is just a twitch stream that has horny allowed

  11. dawg idk what niche I've stumbled onto here but it's entertaining asf

  12. they call them "Bust Bots", which is fun I guess.

  13. Seeing this 2 years later;
    "Mel Noises" is a common phrase describing Melody
    Now she does BOTH "other site" and Twitch, which is amazing
    Plus now that VShojo's a thing there are a TON of creators she can both partner with and influence the growth of

  14. This bedroom image its from everlasting summer?

  15. Holy cow the vtuber community has grown so much since this.

  16. 4:33 Amen Brother, That Shit Holy And Devine

  17. You know watching this in 2022, it is quite the time capsule to the past before Vshojo formed lol

  18. I feel like I need to touch grass

  19. She has God tier music taste

  20. I really like the science team and Mel's twitch streams.

  21. Dawg I completely forgot she did chaturbate

  22. I always thought iron mouse was a cow vtuber. Because of the horns. But she’s supposed to be a redeemed demon turned angel. That’s pretty cool.

  23. Super cool to see Ironmouse / Silver/ Zentreya considering where everyone is now ;~;

  24. So she is both wholesome and holesome? Got it.

  25. The Conclusion I took from this video: Ghost data is evil, he will slap with both his music and his hand

  26. I went to the chat hoping, Mel had commented on the video, but no….

  27. Eh 2 years later and this video has been right about there plan everything has fallen in to place.

  28. this iron mouse doesn't sound like she will get popular

  29. The "God why isn't she real" got me so hard, like ouuuhhhahh
    The unexpected plot.
    I did not expected that.

  30. I havent watched this guy in sooo long

  31. One would assume that the community surrounding a camgirl would be toxic as hell, but the chat reflects the streamer, and at the end of the day Mel is just really damn sweet

  32. Melody: the real reason i wake up in the morning and say hello to her on Discord…and yes she replies, yes she is real, and yes…she is the greatest of all time. cuz she is life

  33. 9:48 Ahahaha, coming from the future, this couldn't be more true.

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