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How to investigate and fix a fridge that is too warm

This video shows the inspection and repair of a fridge that wasn’t keeping food cold. The main active components of a fridge are shown, with an eye to understanding how it works and how to diagnose problems.

This video is done by an amateur for entertainment purposes, and is not a comprehensive instructional guide. There is no guarantee as to the accuracy or safety of techniques shown. Never rely on a single source for critical information. Any misadventure you encounter if you decide to accept the risk of DIY repair is your responsibility.



  1. About 3 hours after getting home from work yesterday I noticed my Frigidaire freezer was not cold like it should be after I took some ice out of the ice tray. I felt some water in the tray. I felt the other items in the freezer and the box for the waffles was damp feeling. The frig was still blowing cold air but it didn't feel the same. I unplugged the refrigerator for almost a minute and I could hear what sounds like condenser I'm assuming come back on. I checked the coils in the back and they were clean. I popped the cover off from under the bottom front and there are no coils. I could only see a small black tray on right side. The items in the refrigerator seemed cool. But still not as cold as it normally is. I checked the seals on both doors and they appear to be fine. I've got a meter to check condenser or whatever part that may need to be checked. Only bad thing is I'm gonna have to wait until this afternoon to attempt to fix the issue after work.

  2. I’m trying to fix my fridge before my wife finds out. Glad I ran across your video

  3. I'm so glad I was able to find this video. I'm going to try all your troubleshooting steps. As a wife I was intimidated Wish me luck! Thank you again!

  4. 3:48 ha ha “made in Brazil, interestingly”. I will give you one more interesting: I was at factory next to the one you likely reference…~3 hrs outside Sao Paolo. The Brazilians told me “that factory sells you appliances in U.S. for 50% less than it costs us right here!” I said, “what?” I researched it.

    It is related to absurd domestic sales tax AND population manipulation via their corrupt form of population control: installment plans for desired device or product including jeans! Also, absurd interest rates. All prices in most of Brazil that I have seen are based on 4-5 payments!?

    There is always a story behind another’s story and thought I would share 😉

  5. 2:50 …or use modern plastic shop vac hose 😉

    Great vid; I know you appliance guys like your workhorse metal vacs

  6. What to do if your fridge cools little too much and the freezer is not cold enough ? thank you

  7. Im gonna clean it up. Blowing ok but it could be cooler. In any case clean is better.

  8. Come home to find my fridge warm, but freezer working, so far cleaned my condenser coils under the fridge, they were very dirty. Then took apart my lower freezer to expose the evaporator coils and it was all iced up. I suspect my defrost element is not working has my evaporator has froze up in the past. My fridge looks like yours in the video but I have digital temperature controls. Took it apart to try and find the defrost timer. I don’t think I have one?

  9. My frig is not working right. The temperature in the freezer goes from 0 to -21 and rhe frig went 30 to 61.

  10. Try this to get the freezer working again. I have an LG Top-Bottom Fridge that was having similar trouble. Compressor and exterior fan were working fine but the freezer was not cooling. I removed the front interior trim of the freezer and saw that the evaporator fan was not working. I carefully unscrewed it from the housing frame behind the trim and checked the resistance and continuity on the wire connector which were excellent. Now I've seen repairmen who would just tell you to replace the fan but at that time of day that was not an option. Having done this before with a standing fan, I realised that all this fan wanted was a cleaning and lubricating of the magnets and impeller respectively. Eventually over time with these two there is a build up of dirt, and rust in some cases, which must be cleaned and so here is where WD 40 is your best friend. I used some of this on a paper napkin to wipe the two surfaces after which I used some treadmill silicone oil, you can use something similar, on the curved surface of the impeller as well as the shaft and end joint housing. I reinstalled the evap fan and plugged it in. Not only did it spin, but it spun faster than before. Also, make sure you clean the plastic fan blade which should just pop off the impeller shaft. I placed mine under the faucet and used some dishwashing soap. Hope this tip helps someone to save some time and money. 😀

  11. Best information for my frozen freezer and my room temperature refrigerator…thanks for sharing.

  12. Awesome video very informative thank you so much!

  13. Go clean the condenser coils, problem solved.

  14. Got it, clean the coil, and shoot the dog.😅

  15. I think the majority of my marriage I've been getting the stink eye.

  16. Have a double 33 code on my lg

  17. It was absolutely the coil under my fridge. Thanks!

  18. Hi! I have built in Thermador fridge( real pain in a butt:) let me tell you) and top part does not hold the temperature but freezer works well. We called the repair man and he pumped some freon. It worked well for a couple of months but was making loud noise from time to time, then its again 10 degrees Celsius and everything in the fridge go bad fast ! Please give some piece of advice on this model! Thank you very much!

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