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Why Some Fireplaces Smoke, And The Easiest Fix. FarmCraft101

It’s a common problem in old homes that the fireplaces will smoke. We look at why this happens, and fabricate an easy fix to seemingly very difficult problem.

***If you don’t want to make your own, there are plenty of places to buy them as well!

I should define “easy fix.” Building this was not easy, buying one is not cheap. But either is waaaaayyyy cheaper and easier than re-doing the masonry to fix the problem. So given the options, this is the relatively easy fix.

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  1. Easy fix? I guess it's all relative. Compared to hiring a mason to re-brick the firebox, I'd say this is much easier. And you can buy custom made fireplace screens for relatively cheap, so you don't have to build it yourself. Cheers everybody!

  2. This was so cool to watch! So skillful and it turned out very beautiful 😊

  3. I made sure to cover the arc while you were welding so I didn’t hurt my eyes 👍🏼

  4. Thank you for the info 😊. My husband and I were considering purchasing a house that had a chimney, so I wanted to learn more about them.

  5. Mad skills! And your shop…

  6. Can you sell me one of these.

  7. Awesome job, very handy tips. Thank you, it made me understand my current situation much better.😊

  8. Great Design thank you for the instructions… I have been concerned about the design of a fire place I have chosen to use … you solved this problem thank you

  9. "show off" supportive bleep boop

  10. As always, great craftmanship and video! In my world, I live in a different world 🙂 a smoking fireplace has many causes. Other than how much smoke is actually created in the combustion process, the main reason for a fireplace to put the smoke in the house rather than successfully out the chimney is pressure. If you have a positive pressure in the house, the air will want to leave the house. An open chimney is a great escape. Obviously, a warm chimney does this much easier, many factors.
    What strikes me though is that with an opening that big and a wide chimney, you choose to let a lot of house air out. Which means that you get a negative pressure in the house, which means that you will pull air from the outside into the house. You lose so much heat that way.
    Jon, I would love to see a video where you install an airduct to your fireplace that will draw air from the outside into your fireplace and replace your mesh doors with glass doors.
    Many factors and tradeoffs on this and that. I think that with fresh air into the fireplace rather than sucking in indoor air into the fireplace would be better.
    Keep it up, your videos and content are at the top of what I have seen on this here tube. You rock!

  11. Magnets loose their power with heat

  12. If you have a chimney, get yourself a CHIMELLA you will save Thousands on your energy bills

  13. fix smokey fireplace, the easy way: "ok first you need a star that explodes…now we can start our fix"

  14. Cool solution. I just crack a window in the room, just a tiny bit.

  15. Nice job you’re one hell of a craftsman!

  16. Ummm yeah I’ll just get a smoke guard

  17. Nice job, and a well-done video.

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