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I have 2 phones Xiaomi F1 and Redmi Note 4 all of them have the same problem, they are stuck in the boot loop.
If you are facing a boot loop problem it can be caused by corrupted software or bad hardware. In this case, my Poco f1 battery has some problem and because of this, the phone was stuck in a boot loop. I replaced the battery with an after-market battery and the boot loop was immediately fixed. The Redmi Note 4 also has the same problem but as I don’t receive the replacement battery so I can’t test the battery problem.

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  1. If the mobile is Rebooting in Recovery Mode itself, then let the Mobile Shut Down by draining the Battery. It may sometime close down when battery goes below 20% or so. Then Start it by putting the Power Supply Charging Cable. The mobile will automatically start in Android. Then do the UPDATE.

  2. My poco m3 facing the same bootloop problem. But the only difference is it goes immediately in bootloop after removing the charging cable.

  3. Your English has a boot loop

  4. Thank you sooo much… It was a life saver

  5. My phone bootloops when i just turn off the phone please help

  6. so how to fix a software problem?

  7. Maxbhi poco battery is pure daylight robbery… waste of money and time!!!

  8. Bhi mera ma low battery ka option a rha hai kya karu solution

  9. This was really helpful. thank you so much.

  10. Bro i downloaded recovery rom file in my mobile and I deleted but in my settings shows about phone reboot to recovery option if anything happens if I download next miui update offical realase plz tell me bro

  11. hello can you pls help me out i was doing this hoping to reset my old samsung j7 while mosting the volume button i pressed the power and did reset to bootloader and its been stuck on that screen since some time 8pm and its 3am in the morning stuck on the screen (downloading *do not turn off target*)
    pls help @RoyTecTips

  12. Bro my mobile is in recovery mode.. keeps rebooting shows lock screen for less than 1 second and restarts again.. kindly help please… Is there any solution?

  13. These things happened on my 6 years old og tablet i had so many og minecraft world on it but I didnt know how to fix it

  14. Are bhaiya suno Mera mob boot loop ho gya hai kal se switch off phir on ho rh bus mai kya kru btao please pareshan ho gya hu

  15. Its simple guys!! Just reset it

  16. so my phone is still in boot loop when I charge it. how fuckted am I?

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