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How to Fix Sexless Marriage ? The Diary of A CEO Podcast

Speaker Steven Bartlett
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Hosted by Steven Bartlett, ‘The Diary of a CEO Podcast’ is your indispensable resource for entrepreneurship, leadership, and personal development insights. Bartlett, a distinguished entrepreneur, unravels the complexities of corporate strategy, mental fortitude, and the pathways to success through candid interviews with industry leaders and thought pioneers. Tailored for ambitious executives, self-starters, and anyone in pursuit of personal and professional growth, this podcast delivers science-backed, actionable advice rooted in real-world experiences. Subscribe now to uncover the C-suite secrets that will elevate your career and life.

00:00 Discussing Sexless Relationships and Personal Experiences
01:01 The Journey to Understanding Sexual Fulfillment in Relationships
03:42 The Dynamics of Desire: Spontaneous vs. Responsive
06:05 Addressing the Habit of Sexlessness in Long-Term Relationships
07:56 The Role of Porn and Its Effects on Real-Life Sexuality

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  1. Sex isn’t the be all and end all. Some couples are perfectly happy without having to resort to fucking each other.

  2. I think a sloth 🦥 has more sex than me and my wife, if i try to talk about it she tells me i am weird to want sex, it gone to the point im embarrassed to even try anymore

  3. bro, this is not lex fridman lol

  4. Women close their bodies after children, likely because they are exhausted because the partner isn't pulling their weight and helping her.
    Ive seen this across all of my friends time and time again.

  5. Start going to the store with your best clothes and take your time before coming home , shell give you some pussy out of fear

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