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how to bypass extension block on chrome os (read description)

hello today I am showing you how to get extensions and apps on chrome os unblocked be sure to watch the whole video also please join my discord and watch my twitch



  1. 1. type in your browser chrome://flags
    2. search proxy in the search bar provided on the web page not your browser
    3. turn on any of the results that come up

    it may not work depending on your school because usually, they will make an active effort to secure things

  2. how to get to the page with the flags

  3. School really tries hard to block things huh


  5. Where is the google doc with all the flags that need to be enabled

  6. Where is this google doc? I enabled the save thingy, but where is the google doc? Can u link it on this comment please?

  7. can someone send me or paste the link or paste the lists of the chrome flags i have to enable it would be great if you could tell me how to unblock lnux

  8. Can someone help me i dont know what to do
    can someone write steps in the comments for me please

  9. if you used your voice in the beginning why dont you just talk instead of type

  10. i have chrome flags but what do i do ?

  11. I don't have whatever "personal finance" is

  12. For me it did give the error of the proxy something flag command didn't work but the websites are still blocked and extensions are also blocked

  13. does this still work? if it does can i get the doc

  14. I don't have that on my Chromebook I don't know where the find it can you help me😭

  15. oh crap i forgot to edit out the people in the background oof

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