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8 Daily Hip Mobility Exercises to Fix Your Tight Hips

0:00 – Details, FAQs, and downloads: https://gmb.io/hip-mobility/
0:07 – Lying Hip Rotations
0:52 – Piriformis
1:44 – Butterfly
2:26 – Frog
3:07 – Kneeling Lunge (hip flexor stretch)
3:46 – Traveling Butterfly
4:30 – Squatting Internal Rotations
5:05 – Pigeon
🚧 Too stiff? Try this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d54Ifhvchic

If any position is painful, back off and just do what you can. Over time, your range of motion will increase. Don’t compare yourself to the guy in the video – he’s been doing this a loooooong time. Just play your own game and use this demonstration as a guide to find your own range for the best stretch.

Tight hips are extremely common, especially since most of us spend our days sitting, sitting, and sitting some more. This tightens the hip flexors and makes it difficult to get the most out of this incredibly important joint.

This sequence will help you loosen up your hips nicely.

Less tension in the hips can help reduce back pain and overall stiffness. You’ll also notice greater ease of movement in all your physical activities.

You can practice this routine everyday – it only takes a few minutes 🙂



  1. Need a good cry? 😭 You can download this video and the beginner version here: https://gmb.io/hip-mobility/

  2. That frog pose is impossible for me

  3. Please help me l am working like a girl but I am boy

  4. Apparently I was already subscribed😂😂

  5. Somehow the full pigeon was comfy as hell lol I'm gonna do that more often

  6. Oh my word, just watching him tretch make my hips pain!! I need this. Starring today, even if im in terrible pain!

  7. The grass looks too good to be real 😮

  8. My physiotherapist sent me here.

  9. the frog is whooping my ass 🤧😂 my feet can’t bend like that

  10. How did this make y’all cry it gave me an orgasm

  11. I’m always terrified that my knee will pop out of place when I do most of the hip mobility work

  12. So we all here from tik tok and want to cry or get rid of trauma 😂

  13. How many sets of each is recommended?

  14. Gonna do this soon.. i better cry!

  15. Still recommended or the new routine with long leg froggers?

  16. I know people cry, but I can't stop laughing 😂

  17. I came from tiktok and I never felt so relieved like im so serious I sat here for about 30 minutes doing these stretches over and over again and I felt every movement in my pelvis and in my back…im lost for words 😭🥹

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