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How To Fix Apple Watch Charging Issue – Green Snake of Death!

(WatchOS 7) Install Custom Apple Watch Faces!! Hermès, Casio, Rolex… https://youtu.be/jpSuwwFS45c

In this video I’ll teach you how to fix one of the most common Apple Watch problems: the green snake of death, which prevents the Apple Watch from charging and freezes it completely. Hope you like it!



  1. Your video is BS… 😢

  2. same probs. i just keep clicking side button few second. and booom apple logo appear. Thank you 😘

  3. Hi just wanted to say thank you, this trick worked perfectly. I have an Apple Watch 3 whose screen was fuzzy (snowy) and by draining the battery completely and recharging afterward it’s now completely fine ! 🎉

  4. What if I get that screen the first time I charge it after I bought it brand new? Is it faulty or something?

  5. What if it has a red snake of death when you plug it in?

  6. i j make sure you do just bought it and snake here so you are not actually teaching me anything helpful!!!

  7. I mean, I literally just bought it, and it didn't turn on the very first time. What he hell.

  8. If you guys just got a new Apple Watch and IMMEDIATELY searched something like ,,charging your Apple Watch when it's new'', and this video popped up DO NOT WORRY, just leave it there for like 10-20 minutes, or maybe a little longer but it shouldn't be longer than half an hour, it WILL boot up, and IT WILL ask you to pair it with your iPhone DON'T panic immediately like me. Just be patient for a bit, if it doesn't unfortunately boot up, this video might help. 😀

  9. Bro what the hell. I just bought an ultra 1 and it came like this.

  10. Thank you for this! I just opened my brand new AW 8 and got that snake screen. I’ll be taking it back to the store tomorrow before the 14 day return policy expires. What a bad first impression though for my first ever Apple Watch.

  11. I haven’t been able to use my watch for years. When I go to charge it it shows the apple icon for a few seconds and it goes away.. it comes back every so often but it doesnt stay.. it doesn’t turn on. I tried to reset it by pushing tge two buttons at the same time and it didnt work. I tried the solution on this video and nothing. What else can you recommend to do ?

  12. this may work, but very unscientific from a technical youtuber

  13. This information really works. Thanks

  14. I just bought it and that popped up

  15. Mine had no snake of death. Put it on a standup charger and got a red snake. Then turned to green. Leaving it on and hope it fixes it.

  16. I paid 400$ for this Apple trash…

  17. Doesn’t change anything. I let mine sit for 2 years, doesn’t work.

  18. I think mine hard reset on accident and now it’s working. I think the key is to drain the battery. I was so scared though as I couldn’t hard reset it for the longest time

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