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How To Fix a Noisy Suspension ~ Noise over Bumps

Suspension noise can be awful! Noise while turning, noise going over bumps, noise while breaking, even noise while driving can all point to suspension issues. In this video we look at a quick suspension noise check, and then replace a complete set of rear struts on a 2001 Toyota. Thanks to @advanceautoparts for being an amazing partner #advancefleet

Complete Strut(be sure you get the right one for your car) ~ https://bit.ly/3p24Rlp

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  1. Didn't know Bin Laden was fixing cars. Well done.

  2. You know what’s sad? When the struts on a Toyota are identical to the struts on a Chevy Malibu. Everything on the Malibu is made in China 😢

  3. I want to see that tool you used to remove the coil spring!

  4. to guys who live in asia. when he says "strut" that means shock absorber. and the source of the noise was a failed / leaking shock absorber. it means that side of the car no longer helps in absorbing impact from bumps and also has a wiggling play in the shaft.

  5. So what was the sound? So much talk and zero actual information. Thumbs down

  6. What causes noises after brand new struts and springs are installed?

  7. good front wheel suspension replacement # now i know that stretch hydraulic shaft also absorb the shocks along with spring #👍👍🇵🇰

  8. 🇹🇷👏👍💁🤦🤷❤️

  9. My Toyota Highlander rear squeaks at the rebounds! Help me! 🥺🥺🥺

  10. yes take apart all that change nice learn a lot and ok sometimes wonder how happen but learned

  11. I have a Toyota tundra, and when I am in a completely quiet area and driving, I hear a squeaking noise like metal and when I go over train tracks or bumps at a decent speed I hear a sound that sounds like air or something leaking out from the back of vehicle

    and it only stops when I put the brakes on the vehicle. I took it to a mechanic’s shop i tell them about it but they all say it’s fine but the sound to me is pretty obvious to me after driving.

    I had bought it around a year or two ago whoever had it definitely used bed to haul heavy items because it looks like the back of truck is leaning downward ever so slightly

    Does anyone know what is it could be ?

  12. Distance between my front axle to rear end is 1/2” off from on the driver’s side to the passenger side front end to rear end. What does that mean??

  13. i like the part when you cut the strut apart

  14. what does a job like this cost to replace 1 or all of them?

  15. My steering wheel shakes so much when i brake from high speed. Whats the reason for this

  16. Thank you for your cool video on struts removal and replacement as I'm having all kinds of issues with my 2010 Dodge Journey SE due to left driver side going over median that's not visible at night which cost me a lot of money on having to pay for labor costs of my struts I had done in 4/2021.
    And made me lose much money from work being I quit due to everything going wrong mother's day weekend of May 12th, 2023 and I've also had to replace CV axles ..
    I still need all 4 (3&1) engine mounts, brakes, drums, rotors, on all 4 tires, abs and traction control light came on 3 months ago, and just the other day my airbag light came on. I also need steering gear and or shaft as my alignment is off as they say they can't get it straight .. I've also had rack n pinion replaced, left n right lower control arms replaced.

  17. some of COMPLETE ASSEMBLIES STRUTS are , PAID noise vs Free existing one 🙃

  18. Hey I can't find that cool spring compressor listed anywhere – do you have link? It looks sexy

  19. Hello sir! Can you please rate the durability and smoothness of the Carquest Premium struts ? I am thinking of getting a pair for a 2015 Toyota Sienna. Thx.

  20. exactly what LinusTechTips would sound like if he was doing autos instead of PCs

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