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MX5 NA Miata – How to fix interior/courtesy lights and install LED bulbs

I already replaced my interior lights / courtesy lights with some LED bulbs but the problem is that when the lights turn on they are sometimes dimmed or they don’t even work at all. I finally found a solution for this problem and I wanted to share this information with you guys because you may experience the same problem!

Special thanks goes out to my buddy Dylan for helping me install the wall shelf’s!

MX5 NA Miata – Meet my car (interior lights):

Things you will need:
» Small flat head screwdriver
» DE3022 Festoon LED 6500K 120° 31mm CAN-bus – https://goo.gl/LyWxcq
» Normal Phillips head screwdriver
» Old rag
» Sanding paper
» Door switch (https://goo.gl/VZcQrY)

Music I used:
» Ryan Little – Drowning (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJj0Oe-7OZ0)

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  1. what year is your car… Mine only has a passenger light (1991)

  2. Thanks for the techniques for removing the and replacing the interior lights! Cleaning contacts was crucial for the switch to work. Mine work just fine now.

  3. Just fixed mine because of this video, you’re the man my guy 💪🏼

  4. i changed my leds in and bought it from amazon not sure if they are that good 3sec and they were so hot couldnt keep it in my hand is it normal?

  5. Common error but this is not an MX-5, it is a Miata. Mazda starting calling a Miata "MX-5" in 2006. The MX-5 is very much a different car. I even see car parts places doing this. Only reason I bring things up it makes me crazy running a search for MX-5 and get all 2001 (and the like) information.

  6. This channel is so helpful you the man🙏

  7. My '97 na only has blanks where yours has footwell lights. Looks like its going to be a fun job installing wiring ☹

  8. Unfortunately mine still don't work, even after sanding. Might have to completely take apart and re-sodder it all.

  9. Hi! Love your videos! I have a 92 and I have to replace one of the door switches that you had a problem with at the end of this video. You didn't get into how you were able to disconnect the switch from the wiring.. Can you tell me how you actually were able to disconnect the old broken switch from the internal wiring?

  10. My '97 doesn't have one "over there (but it does have an indent for it)!" Will have to check if the connector is still there, and if so, get one of these LED units.

  11. I don't seem to have the connector for my courtesy lights, just the plate and wiring? Can you advise?

  12. Hi! My interior lights had a short and the wire burned off. I need to pull out the light assembly but how do I get access to it like when you pulled it out too far? You wouldn't happen to know where I could actually get two replacements??? I don't believe that I solder and repair them anyway.

  13. what head unit do you have?

  14. You have TWO lights in Europe?

  15. I am guessing those lights down low are on the 90-93. My 96 only has one up top near the rear view mirror. There are indention's for those lights but nothing there.

  16. Finally got the measurement I needed for these bulbs.!!! Thank you

  17. Just work on live wires that‘s always a good idea.

  18. if mine doesnt come with them and just has plastic covers, will it still have the connection to plug new ones in? want to add some but unsure if they can even work. 97 mk1

  19. I picked up these lights from a car at the scrap yard but there is no connection at the back of the blanking plates it's a 1996 na😭

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