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Have you ever wondered “Why is my PS4 LOUD?” In this video, I will show you how to clean your PS4 and fix that LOUD FAN noise you hear! This is an EASY METHOD and can be done in minutes when you have the right tools!

First you will need compressed air, a philips scrw driver and a 2mm flat hear or a TORX TR9 Security Scrwdriver! for the T9 scrws on the back of the PS4.

When opening up your PS4 to fix your fan noise and to CLEAN your PLAYSTATION 4, remember that this will void any warranty you have. However, this will be a non issue for most. Cleaning your PS4 fan is a breeze…. literally with compressed air, you will be able to see the dust fly from the vents surrounding the fan. No need to go out and buy a PS4 cleaning kit, you can get most of the stuff you need at Walmart or a local store.

Also, try cleaning the fan before you decide to replace the fan completely. Because after cleaning the PS4, it should run smoother and quicker! With LESS NOISE!

Don’t worry about your Ps4 making louse fan noise or loud fan during gameplay. CLEAN YOUR PS4 NOW! …

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  1. My friend said I have to change the thermal paste. I guess he was lying 😒😒😒

  2. Playing new god of war and this helped so much. It's finally peaceful 😊

  3. Ps4 Too hot?

    Hi. My ps4 is from launch day so nearly 10 years and playing God of War was sounding bit too loud. Ordered some air spray, alcohol and thermal paste.. cleaned whole console out and took a lot of thick black dust from the heat sink. Applied a pea sized amount of paste. Now my ps4 is sounding like a jet engine when I open GOW sounds suiuuuper loud then beeps flashes red and says too hot. What have I done wrong pls help me dear lord

  4. Awesome, video my friend! Thank you for saving me about 100 bucks!

  5. Thanks for the video I think is key to use good quality paste and not to over tighten the screws on the gpu radiator as this flatens the paste too much and therefore looses heat conduction, I can barely hear the old jet engine now , thanks again πŸ˜€

  6. what is with the driving gloves??

  7. Hey man,
    Thanks for the vid! My ps4 is nice and clean now.
    However, I followed all your steps and got my system good and shiny but, now my system is louder and overheating faster…
    Any suggestions?
    Could I have done something wrong?
    Like I said, I followed all your steps so I'm not sure what happened.

  8. Wonderful walkthrough! πŸ‘πŸΎ

  9. Awesome video and commentary. Thanks a lot!!!

  10. I'm having trouble putting back the power supply? It won't go all the way down.

  11. I guess it makes it a little quiter, but you put rdr2 into that boy it's gonna be an airport anyway

  12. Bro I have had my ps4 for 8 years and I never cleaned it

  13. I am a Grandparent and know NOTHING about these video games. However, my Grandson who lives with me keeps getting cut off from his PlayStation and told he needed to pay money. Since I really don't understand how it all works, can I ask you how much does it cost for him to play, next I know if he wants to talk to people he needs to get a monthly or longer pass, I get that, but since he doesn't have his own money I did let him use my card a couple of times but now the charges are stupid. like on the same day he had 2 charges for the same amount, and then the next day same thing he is 18 so not a small kid who just presses buttons, I did pay 90 dollars to get his back on and it never happened and now they are asking for 90 more. Is there somewhere I can call to sort this out. I am refusing to pay any more until I understand what is happening. Sorry to ask you this but I couldn't find anywhere to find out about this. You look like you know all about it. Can you give me some advice? if you have an email address rather than talk here I would appreciate your knowledge to get things sorted out here.

  14. Bro I just did this an is still super loud idk what to do I think it’s just old

  15. Bro. I have a ps4 pro. I hadn't cleaned it since I got it. I opened it today and the dust had accumulated so much that it was literally crusty. Its never gonna be quiet again 😭😭

  16. Why would you wear huge leather driving gloves?

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