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6 Workable Ways to Fix Mac/MacBook Pro/ MacBook Air Won’t Turn on Issue

If your Mac/MacBook/MacBook air/MacBook pro won’t turn on, please watch the video till the end as we’re going to walk you through 6 effective ways to fix the mac won’t turn on issue and get your Mac working again.

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Way 1: Perform a Power Cycle 1:35s
Way 2: Check Your Adapter and Charging Cable 2:08s
Way 3: Check the Hardware 2:31s
Way 4: Reset the NVRAM 2:58s
Way 5: Reset System Management Controller 3:38s
Way 6: Re-Install MacOS 4:48s

Perform a Power Cycle
Step 1 – Unplug all the power cables and turn off your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air by pressing and holding the “Power Button”.
Step 2 – Continue holding the power button for 10 more seconds and reconnect the cables. Keep pressing the power button for 10 more seconds.
Step 3 – Now, reboot your MacBook again and see if the issue of Mac won’t start up is gone or not.

Check Your Adapter and Charging Cable
In many cases, MacBook won’t turn on issue arises due to a faulty AC adapter/charging cable. Try swapping the adapter and the cable with a different one to see if MacBook turns on or not. In case it’s working fine with the new cable/adapter, the only solution would be to replace the entire charging setup with a new one.

Check the Hardware
If you’re using Mac Desktop, the issue might be caused due to loosely connected cables. Take a look at the cables and make sure that each connection is firm. In case you’ve recently opened your Mac to install a new hardware component like a hard-drive or a RAM, this might also cause the Mac won’t turn on issue. In this case, either reinstall the old hardware or make sure that each component is perfectly placed in its socket.

Reset the NVRAM
Step 1 – Shut down your MacBook.
Step 2 – Simultaneously press and hold “Command + Option + P + R” keys and wait for your MacBook to turn on.
Step 3 – Your MacBook will play the second reboot chime. Release all the keys once you hear the sound.

Reset System Management Controller
Step 1 – Shut down your MacBook and unplug the power cable.
Step 2 – Connect the power cable again and press the Shift + Ctrl + Option/Alt keys and the power button simultaneously.
Step 3 – Release all the buttons at the same time and you’ll notice a small flicker in your power cable’s light. This is an indication that SMC has been reset successfully.
Step 4 – Restart your MacBook and check if the “MacBook Air does not turn on” issue is gone or not.

Re-Install MacOS
Reinstalling the entire MacOS would probably the last solution on your list.
Step 1 – Shut down your MacBook and press the power button again. Boot it in recovery mode by pressing “Command + R”.
Step 2 – The macOS utility window will appear on your screen with different options. Use the arrow keys to choose “Reinstall macOS”.
Step 3 – If asked, enter your Apple ID and continue with the process. It may take several minutes for the OS to reinstall completely.
Step 4 – Once the setup wizard quits, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

I hope those ways will be helpful for you to fix Mac won’t be turn on issue.

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  1. None of this works. All of the comments just leave me stuck on the apple logo. Managed to get to the reinstall OS option a couple times and it has me connect to wifi but just keeps loading the wifi connection forever(left it for hours and it was still trying to connect)

  2. Man 😵lm really stuck l tried everything but after the internet recovery mode is activated it then response with error -0000f

  3. Thank you 😢. Alt, control, option and power key combo worked for me. My Mac was completely dark, usually when the power was dead, it show the charger symbol. I also charged it and nothing was showing. After the Alt, control, option and power key combo my Mac turned on.

  4. I connected my MacBook to a dock, so it was streaming a movie on my tv and it was keeping it charged.
    I left it overnight and now it doesn’t start at all.
    No matter what I do the thing just doesn’t start anymore.

  5. Bro my mom is going to beat me up as well with my teachers and all the tips Didn’t even helped at all!

  6. This video is very clear but unfortunately my MacBook did not switch on with any of the solution you suggested… 😢 thank you anyway

  7. Wonderful…they all worked… thank you… very helpful

  8. It worrrrkssssss ❤❤❤❤❤

  9. Excuse me! If the fault is that I can't turn my MBA on, why are you showing me procedures beginning with the instruction shut down or turn off the machine?

  10. You the best thanks so much, I haded a sleepless night yesterday because this my mac that’s not turning on, meanwhile tomorrow I have a show festival I need to perform, you ve saved me , where will I even start, If I had to oder new it takes 2 to 3 days to arrive . Thanks so much 😅

  11. Thanks very much the last option (SMC reset) helped 🙏🏾

  12. Still nothing works what should I do?!!😭

  13. Helpful command opt p r worked

  14. I love you❤🥲🫡 thank you so much❤❤❤

  15. Last step worked. Thank you

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