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How To Fix – Asus Laptop Not Turning On, No Power, Freezing, Turning Off Right Away

THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN UPDATED HERE; https://youtu.be/P3I7dDpkJps.
For a computer that wont start, shuts off or freezes during start-up, start your troubleshooting process here! This video tests for the most common reasons why a computer wont start. If these tests do not identify the issue, then troubleshoot deeper into the computer. Move on to the BIOS Reset as seen here; https://youtu.be/uL97XhontSo.
If that fails, then test your Power Adapter as seen here; https://youtu.be/YBhsVHideGE
and then your Power Jack as seen here; https://youtu.be/HpabvrNaodU.
If all those tests do not reveal the issue, then your most likely looking at a Motherboard replacement.

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  1. Finally an actual computer repair guy that knows how to truly fix some of these issues. Thanks man!

  2. wheres video 1? asus powered with light but no screen. battery replacement? sometimes it works plugged but hardly ever and just randomly.

  3. Freaking worked!!! Thank you

  4. You're amazing! Thank you so much!

  5. I am infinitely grateful. It worked on my computer (ASUS X515).

  6. Thank you. I face similar problem with my Asus X13 flow. Im performing your method and it's works. Thank you. 🙏🏿

  7. I followed all the steps in this video and it still would not power up. As a last ditch effort I installed a new lithium button cell battery and it powers up fine now!

  8. Hey, im just about to follow through with the steps, but im quite nervous detaching and reattaching the internal cables. Couls you please explain how that can be done again?

  9. Any ideas for this? My laptop didnt wake up with static removal. On the other hand I plugged some usb devices to it (no charger plugged) and suddenly after few hours it powered on. I shut down the computer and now the next day it wont power on again…

  10. my keyboard lights are still on, even when I close the computer, it isn't showing the charger light either… :/

  11. I’m so scared to remove the keyboard and the internal battery! I feel like I’m gonna damage my laptop:’)

  12. The screws on my laptop cannot be removed so cleaning repairing and anything like that is impossible unless I break some plastic the laptop I took really screwed itself big time

  13. bless you times a million!!💖

  14. How many laptops have you fixed i mean dropped laptops and how damaged do they get if dropped specially if it has magnesium body and ssd it will be good if you could say something brother.

  15. This literally saved my night..

  16. I'm scared to do this, I recently got this kind of laptop and it shut off, it's my fault, I'd usually keep it on my bed, I'm just afraid I might break it, looks easy but also hard to complete.

  17. You just saved my college life! It worked perfectly, thank you!

  18. My asus x507u dosent on or dosen't show charging indicator or anything nothing happen please give me some help😢

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