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How to fix a broken key in a Euro cylinder lock

A broken key in a euro cylinder lock can be a bit daunting at first but in many cases it is an easy fix. If you can remove the old broken key you can get another key cut, or if you can’t get the key out you can remove the euro cylinder for a like for like replacement. If you can’t remove the key or the euro cylinder this video also shows how to secure the door using a length of suitable timber. There are of course times when you have no choice but to call for a locksmith, but in most cases this video will help.



  1. Thanks for this, very helpful and just saved us a locksmith callout. Thanks!

  2. Super glue is terrible idea you'll ruin it

  3. If the screw holding the cylinder in place is rounded off do you recommend snapping the lock or drilling the screw out.Thanks

  4. Thanks for this great video, I had very little experience with locks but managed to folloe your advice and put a drill bit in the other side of the lock and push the broken key out. This saved me so much time, hassle and money. Many Thanks Brett

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH, you Legend! I turned it the lock using the snapped end I had as you demonstrated, and that allowed me to remove the bit stuck inside with the point of a Stanley knife and some pliers! 👍

  6. When the door is locked, how to open

  7. Great video! I was able to remove a euro lock that someone had jammed the wrong key into. I was able to actuate the cam with a straight screwdriver (the lock was only a 60mm deep one, much shorter than the one in your video). Many thanks!

  8. Thanks for this video – so helpful! I'm an absolute novice with no lock experience and your video saved me over £50 on a callout and labour…was able to remove the cylinder, go get an exact replacement and fit it very easily. Thanks a lot man 👍🏻

  9. That's not how to remove a broken key. That's how to change the cylinder!

  10. Nice one for posting this had to do the snap option on our lock and was surprised how easy it broke all in all took less than ten minutes to remove and fit new lock

  11. Thank you so much for your tips ! Life saver keep up the good work !

  12. Thanks man, just watched a few different vids on how to get this bloody key out..
    Best one of the lot…

  13. So basically your title of fixing the key was a fail 🤦‍♂️

  14. I just used this video to replace my barrel. Thanks guys

  15. Also some anti snap locks if they snap at the anti snap bit. Drill a strong screw in the next piece of the lock then claw the screw with your hammer and the lock will then snap in the right place to unlock the door

  16. Rather than the end bit of the video you could just take the handles off. Remove the spindle then refix the handles back on.

  17. Balcony was being replaced, and the access door key snapped couple of days before. Fancied a go myself, but key not turning the lock – no time and needed the access so called a fella in. He quoted £350! I told him where to go. He said what about the call out charge, I said you never came pal! He knew he was played and off he went. Spray of wd40, got lock turning with broken other half of key )randomly the lock jammed same time as key snapped due to plastering dust from work in same room!). Opened door, removed cylinder, snapped key pushed out. Didn’t know about snapping the cylinder however – but £350 and the fella was taking about drilling and this and that. Total cowboy chancer. This is a true story, should make a movie.

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