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this will enable you to install a better and stronger compressor, variable displacement compressor fails a lot, so this hack will fix that shit up.



  1. I've changed the valve and did system clean finally it worked for 10 minutes . I've spent days on this. Gonna sell this car

  2. I think in short. If compressot clutch is running. No compression on gauges, then apply 12v to solenoid valve. Done.

  3. My standibg pressure is 120 psi. Compressor clutch works and compressor seems to try to do its job. But low side drops by a few psi and vibrates very noticeably. High side stays at 120 and vibrates but not as much. Im thinkibg blockage rather than bad compressor. Perhaps control valve? What do you think?

  4. I not even understand your accent 😂

  5. Talking too much buy english not good

  6. Another quick solution, if you can give this valve 12volts directly via battery, and put another valve on the signal wire may solve the issue without changing the compressor,
    12 v will make it at full pressure same like cluthch compressor , and to normalise the computer connect another valve and put it anywhere near to the engine.

  7. Please… I want to know that Clutchless(solenoid) vs clutch ac compressor which is better..

  8. This guy couldn't fix a sandwich

  9. Thank you master….for information….

  10. Just do it not talk too much

  11. Please how can I contact you. I am in Abuja. I need a fix for my car

  12. I'm not a technician but DIY kinda guy.
    I feel you have a lot of useful information to share but your technique of delivering it need to be improved.
    Some flaws i noticed:
    You talk too fast, you need to show down a tard.
    You digress too much, you'll lose your audience and sometimes you'll also lose your train of thought.
    You deliberately reserve the main gist for the last part…… remember that the more explicit and succinct your video is, the more People would want to follow and give likes.
    Overall, i think you're good at what you do but you need to improve your technique of teaching others.

  13. Converting a variable displacement to fix compressor is not entirely a brave idea' considering the benefits of variable displacement and the economy factors revolving around displacement compressor. The ideal of displacement compressor is to increase the horsepower of the engine by reducing the external force that kill it like, power steering ,compressor, alternator, and some unnecessary rollers that drain the engine powertrain.

  14. If there is no power going to the solenoid then it will not open, therefore the AC system will not work so you will have to somehow apply power to it at all times to jump it and that would be even worse than the normal operation. The only other thing you could do to bypass it as you say, is to remove the solenoid and somehow from the inside of the solenoid make it stay open at all times with a piece of stainless steel.

  15. Hi. My compressor is keep running even I switch off AC. Gauge is showing 70 at lower, over 350 at higher. I changed compressor but have not flushed.
    Can you please advise?

  16. Why the solenoid valve fails so frequently?

  17. Bad inglish and fast talk. Maybe good video

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