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Laptop No Display Black Screen Blank Screen On Startup | How To Fix Troubleshoot Repair | New

Laptop No Display Black Screen Blank Screen On Startup | How To Fix Troubleshoot Repair | New 2018

My laptop turns on but no display, or my laptop turns on but the screen is blank or black. These are frequent laptop problems that laptop face, and as a computer repair technician I often have to troubleshoot these laptop issues and provide an easy quick fix for my clients.

I decided to upload this Best Guide on How To Fix Troubleshoot Repair A Laptop with No Display or Black Screen or Blank Screen. Note that this will work for all makes and models like: HP Hewlett-Packard Dell Acer Lenovo Asus Samsung Toshiba Sony Vaio Thinkpad Apple Macbook

Note that in this case the laptop does turn on, that is when you press the power button it does turn on, but you cannot see anything on the screen since the laptop screen is black or black.
In this Youtube video tutorial I show you how to do some basic to advanced troublshooting tips and steps to possible help you fix your laptop no display black screen blank screen.

If in doubt please consult a professional, otherwise do at your own risk.

There is always more than 1 reason why a laptop has no display, or black screen or blank screen, you should try all the steps in the video. In the end, if still unsuccessful, take you laptop to a professional to have it assessed and possibly fixed.

This is an updated version of a previous similar video. The laptop here is the Lenovo Ideapad Z570

Time Stamps:

00:26 Laptop No Display Black Screen Blank Screen On Startup | Best Guide How To Fix Troubleshoot Repair

02:10 How To Test A Laptop Charger With A Multimeter | Without Multimeter | Laptop Not Turning On

04:20 How To Recover Pictures From A Laptop – Data Recovery The Easy Way

05:09 Laptop not tuning on no led no light no signs of life | How to test a dead laptop motherboard

08:13 Apple Planned Obsolescence Lawsuit? How About THE LED TV Planned Obsolescence? Interview With Alvin

11:09 How To Upgrade A Laptop CPU Processor Memory RAM Hard Disk Drive HDD SSD | Full Assessment Only Pt 1

16:28 Laptop Black Screen No Display Fix – Parts Transplant Between Two Similar Laptops

16:53 Troubleshoot & Fix a Slow Laptop or Desktop Computer– Part 1

17:11 Troubleshoot Series Intro | Desktop Pc Computer Not Turning On No Display | How A Computer Works

17:39 Never Buy A Laptop | Do This Instead | How To Buy A Laptop Guide 2017 For Students College Uni

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  1. Thank you for the video its realy help.

  2. assalamo alaykom brother .when im done this steps..then my laptop is starting. what shoud i do when laptop is starting. because im experiencing after my laptop gets started. then i shutdown my laptop. then when i want to use again. it is difficult again to turning onn. what should i do ?? thank you.
    im sorry for my english. please understand.

  3. any suggestions for lenevo ideapad 130 AMD a6

  4. None of this helped but I found a new one that I would have never expected. One of the two Ram Modules went bad. Once I figured out which one Boom Working again! Out of forty years of using a number of PC's never once did a RAM go bad. There you go it actually does happen!

  5. That was just amazing…It fixed my pc thanks for the tip

  6. Thank you, buddy! Holding the power button for 30 seconds, helped me.

  7. Sometimes, the Bios settings can prevent the laptop from booting up to Windows.

  8. Thinkpad X270. Holding power button down 30 seconds worked. Thanks

  9. Send me your wtsp number. I have some doubts

  10. please give steps before replace in text

  11. What if the fun is not turning?

  12. My laptop powers on but the display has a faint flickering when powered on , how do I fix this if possible, I have an Acer aspire E15 Es1-572

  13. Much appreciated, could have taken my laptop in to get it fixed without knowing what the problem was, but with your help was able to find that it needed a new screen.Bought the screen and changed it myself. Thank you so much. Videos like yours are a great help for us to learn from..

  14. Mine has back light when i press fn+brigthness up it will lit up but blinks again

  15. Great video!! May I know what is usually the problem if the laptop screen die sometimes and blinking like on and off. There's a case when I open all lights are on but display stays black. I do some testing like test to other monitor and it works but the laptop screen remains black.

  16. Thank you.. RAM was the problem

  17. My problem was I disconnect the LCD from my laptop and reconnect it but my laptop was turning on when I reconnect it there was a little spark fire and it automatically turn off my laptop when I turn it on it goes black

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