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Frp Bypass Google Account Android Tablet

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Bypass Google Account any android Tablet 100% ok KZEN Tab, if you forgot your email id after reset you tablet, solution is here….



  1. Screen is Too FAR!!! Are you teaching or talking to yourself? Replace the music with subtitles….unless you make this video just for your personal record.

  2. Bro I can't open languages parameters


  4. i dont have type email and pasword option in google account manager. ..???

  5. i dont have the magnifying glass on my polaroid Q1010 tablet, same interface. Added the text correction and when I go back just the add feature in top right is available, no search option.

  6. When I on hold to the @ button it don't bring me to setting

  7. Can anyone help me any further? It doesn't allow me to pull up the settings options by holding down the key like he does in the video. My friend found his long lost tablet only to forget his swipe login+google info..R.I.P

  8. Bro I can't select word from open source license plz give me solution

  9. I have a galileo pro rca and the@ button doesn't show the setting buttons can you give me another way

  10. Thanks alot..it works here too

  11. follow your video at time of 1'25'', I don't have that search icon beside the +ADD, so I am stuck. before your video I have reset my tablet. Mine is Alcatel A30 Tablet, and I am setting up as new. Any comments?

  12. I cant download quick shortcut maker pls help

  13. Subscribed! Dude after days and days with countless dead ends this method worked for me. Did step by step and worked perfectly..THANKS!!!

  14. I have a Vankyo S20 tablet that is FRP locked. Was hoping this would unlock it, but it fails on the first move. holding down the @ key does not bring up the little menu, it just puts an @ sign in the email address block so I cannot proceed.

  15. I dont get it. When i hold in the z it doesnt bring up a settings menu

  16. You can't even see what you are doing..

  17. ngga ada muncul di kaibor

  18. Quick shortcut maker not download… Showing please turn java script on and reload the page

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