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Hey folks, this video takes a look at how to fix a GPU that has been bricked by mis-flashing or has a mining bios on it – specifically for newer Radeon RX cards which no longer play nicely or are not recognised when using a bootable DOS drive.

The test card(s) is a Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 560 4GB OC which has been flashed with a mining bios – good hashrate, crashes in games.

We can still use the card though in its limp state so we are going to take a look at the latest version of AMD / ATI ATiFlash and use the windows based GUI to get the correct bios on the card.

Goes without saying that when messing around with any bios you take risks so proceed at own discretion…

Downloads Required:
Your GPUS bios – www.Techpowerup.com/vgabios
ATIFLASH – https://www.techpowerup.com/download/ati-atiflash/

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  1. Kinda late here, but what if the pc doesn't boot? My pc starts normal but ez debug led vga is on, in result no post, tried USB bios flash but still no results 😕


  3. I BRICKED RX580 using this

  4. hi, ive a 3070ti used before for mining that is not detected on pci +4.0. Should i try to do this?

  5. Can one check if Radeon RX560 is flashed on a Mac Pro 2012. I think it’s flashed and want to return it back to its normal settings is that possible?

  6. I flashed an RX 570 8gb with the correct rom, after getting the code 43 error. I got the successful message and now it won't boot with that card 😥

  7. found a great solution to driver timeout issues of amd rx 570, it was due to vram speed, lowring it resolved many issues. perhaps dying or TDP issue. the solution was to replace it and its pathetic drivers with nvidia. second time with bad amd gpu, they lost one customer to other side

  8. hi bro i have an gigabyte rx580 4g 4gb and it supports uefi but when i disable csm it wont show bios i need ur help to fix my gpu bios

  9. Oh man you are a GODSEND. i spend over 5 hours tryna figure this out. finally got my gpu to work properly.

  10. The amd flash not opebib becaus my amd not have a bios

  11. Does this method still work? I have an RX 580 8gb that freezes up and crashes so it probably was bios modded so I wanna reflash it, so does this method still work?

  12. I bought a PowerColor Red Devil RX 580 8GB and gave video for 2 days but stupid me, I decided to update the drivers and now I get black screen. Since I don't know that much about modern GPU, I took it to a tech store and the tech told me it was used for mining. Is it possible to flash the bios even in this state?

    According to the tech, he says that it depends on how much time it was used for mining, because it can harm some parts in the GPU and it will be practically useless.

    Update: tech says is dead, no video signal and he even told me he put it on another rig and he couldn't even get the memory size, CPU speed, etc.

  13. And today an eVGA GTX 660TI resurrect after this ritual. Thank you bro !

  14. What is the gpu is bricked? How can I re-flash the vbios if I can't use the card? It only gives black screen if I use it on my computer.

  15. Hello i have problem with my 6850 i flases wrong bios and now i cant use it can u pls help me

  16. does it ifx high temp of 570 4gb cause may gpu temp is 80-90c

  17. Please when I try with atiflash I have error bios ? Please help me

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