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How to PROPERLY BYPASS Nvidia Optimus💻

Hey guys in this video I will be demonstrating how to bypass Nvidia Optimus on Gaming Laptops. I will be demonstrating how to bypass both internal optimus (using the MUX Switch) and Advanced Optimus by connecting to an external monitor.

I hope this video will help you guys not only to buypass , but to even understand the full concept behind bypassing Nvidia Optimus. There is also another video on my channel , explaining the differences in FPS so that you can get an idea of what sort of an impact disabling optimus truly has on you’re laptop
#optimus #laptopgaming #nvidia

Timestamps :

0:00 – 0:16 = intro

0:16 – 1:33 = What is Nvidia Optimus ?

1:33 – 2:22 = Bypassing internal Optimus (MUX)

2:22 – 4:33 = Bypassing Advanced Optimus

4:33 – 5:26 = Fixes to common issues

5:26 – 6:03 = DISCLAIMER

6:03 – 6:28 – Outro

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  1. Like , comment n sub <3

  2. i bought a usb c to hdmi and its didnt work. its still using integrated graphics card for the external monitor

  3. Any latency occur when playing on monitor ?

  4. Hello i have a usb c in my laptop and I'm planning to buy a usb c to display port cable does that work?

  5. Just use USB-C to DisplayPort cable, to get gsync if you have it as well.

  6. Very well explained thank you, i have a question, can i use Display port to usbc cable (usbc is on laptop side) ? I am guessing as long as it's usbc from laptop (+ supports the correct frequency) all should be good ?

  7. If q usb-c port or hdmi, connect directly to a discrete GPU, and i plug in a display, make it main screen, provided there is q mix switch, technically iGPU will be out at that point, for that screen? And main gpu will power laptop and external screen, no? Correct me if i am wrong, please.

  8. Will it work on older gaming laptops that do not have mux switch ?

  9. If you have MUX switch, and HMDI (or even better DP) output on your laptop, it is connected directly to your discrete GPU, meaning your integrated gpu is disabled and you use only dgpu.
    USB-C to HDMI (or DP) does not avoid adv. Optimus, it still use it, but in a smarter, more advaced way.
    When external monitor has been detected while playing games, it switches directly to dgpu without using igpu, thus in theory gives you full scale performance.
    That is the main diff between Optimus (laptop need user interaction and restart via MUX switch) and adv. Optimus (no user action required).
    Thunderbolt ports (USB-c with video output) are very versatile and they are designed to give users multiple monitor use support among other options with usb-c hubs, so adv.Optimus/Optimus are mandatory.
    12th and 13th gen Intel mobile cpu due to their hybrid technology, gave us a bit of a headache here. If you have option to disable adv. Optimus, it also disables your DP over usbc and gives you only video output directly through HDMI port, like on Acer Nitro 5-515 for instance, meaning if you have external G-Sync monitor, G-Sync wont work due to lack of support on HDMI ports below 2.1 version, and very few ext. monitors comes with 2.1.
    Than again, if you connect your ext. monitor with usb-c to HDMI (or DP) cable or adapter, G-Sync still wont work because output signal goes directly through igpu and that automatically disables G-Sync because nVidia control panel see it as a non-nvidia gpu, but still gives you full power on dgpu (adv. Optimus).

  10. so how can i remove optimus on hp victus 15 hsming laptop

  11. what is the hp control center?

  12. Hello brother, i currently use my laptop with a 240hz Dell and i connected this thru a hdmi cable alone. I get better fps, i can enjoy all 240hz but i get micro stutter in high fps games. Is it due to the use of a hmdi cable? Am i not fully bypassing optimus and i have to use a type c to display port? If so, will i get even a lil more performance boost? Thanks in advance man, good video.

  13. im going to keep my laptop plugged in and charging anyways so i wont have to worry about my laptop dying on me quicker when i bypass optimus

  14. bro i have an acer nitro 5 and the Nitrosense does not have an option to disable optimus, nor the Bios, is there a way to disable it without an external monitor?

  15. I recommend using display port if your usb C supports it or your laptop directly has a mini display port. Display port supports higher refresh rates.

  16. If my laptop has no type c port can I not bypass optimus?

  17. My laptop does have a gpu but a not port for the gpu

  18. so there's no other way

  19. Hey does this work for any monitor or need something?
    I have an Samsung monitor rn but I moving country and is planning to buy another monitor cause expensive to ship and monitors are fragile so I planning to buy an new one but i was wondering if need some specs needed to bypass Optimus
    I planning to buy an 165hz 1080p monitor

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