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Samsung Ice Maker Forced Defrost – How to Fix and Thaw a Samsung Ice Maker That's Frozen Up

Taking out a Frozen Samsung Ice Maker can be very difficult and you could easily damage or destroy it if not done the right way. If your Samsung Refrigerator has an interface similar to this one, there’s a secret Forced Defrost mode that will heat up the Ice Maker cabinet, allowing you to remove it very, very easily.

In this video, we go through all the needed steps to get the ice maker out, as well as how to take it apart if you’re facing bigger problems than just needing to take it apart.

You’ll learn the following from this video:

(How to):

Defrost a Samsung Icemaker
Remove a Samsung Ice Master Icemaker
Test a Samsung Icemaker
Tear Down a Samsung Icemaker

How to Fix a Samsung Icemaker (but I am not doing an extensive diagnosis or video on that here – just a few general ideas).


Basic Repair Kit for the Samsung Icemaker (RTV Sealant, Drain Clips, IM Retainer): https://bens-appliances.com/collections/all/products/samsung-icemaker-leak-moisture-kit – Use Code “YOUTUBE” for 5% Off

Replacement Icemakers: https://bens-appliances.com/products/samsung-refrigerator-icemaker-da97-15217d-da97-13718c?_pos=1&_sid=50c875523&_ss=r

Remember: If your refrigerator has dirty condenser coils, it could be failing to cool this Samsung refrigerator properly, costing you a lot of money as well as why the ice maker won’t automatically operate – consider buying an appliance cleaning kit to prevent your appliance from an early failure. Link: https://bit.ly/3zQGFYK

– Samsung Secondary Heat Kit: https://bens-appliances.com/collections/samsung-refrigerator-parts/products/refrigerator-secondary-heater-kit

– Samsung Refrigerator Moisture & Leak Kit: https://bens-appliances.com/collections/samsung-refrigerator-parts/products/da82-01415a-samsung-refrigerator-moisture-kit

– Other Parts (Evaporator Fan, Thermal Fuse, ect): https://bit.ly/3x3AHAF

New & Updated Video on Replacing Icemaker, Components & Tests: https://youtu.be/brYA8j-CZSQ

Samsung Refrigerator Forced Defrost Mode (all the other modes we didn’t show you, plus error codes and demo mode removal): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QE1L8iA598

Fixing the Samsung Refrigerator Water / Icing Problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=So1Zf-yIj94

Tools I use in all videos can be found at my Amazon Idea Page: https://www.amazon.com/shop/bensappliancesandjunk

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  1. Absolutely hate my Samsung fridge. They say you get what you pay for but those people never bought a Samsung fridge! Complete POS

  2. Super helpful video…I'm about to try the FD defrost mode on my icemaker. In addition to a block of ice in the ice maker, I have water bleeding out of the top of both door hinge mounts and then down onto the door seals then in and around my fridge.. Have you ever seen anything like this? not sure if its related to the icemaker.

  3. You need to state what names of buttons are since it differs on different models, they don't align like yours on all

  4. The buttons you mentioned do not appear on my fridge. Is this for a specific model?

  5. Does the forced de-thaw affect the freezer drawer too, or just the ice maker?

  6. My fridge doesn't have that control panel the controls are on the inside. How do I get it into defrost mode?

  7. Thank you thank you! Totally (to me at least) undocumented feature being able to force defrost this damn refrigerator. It's a hateful machine – it's thanks to you that keeps me from just firing this pig and getting something better!

  8. concise and simple. thanks!

  9. Defrosted 2 times in a row, still wont budge.

  10. Thank you for such a great and useful video! When setting up the Fd force defrost, the fridge started doing a constant beeping? is that normal? anyone went through that same beeping?

  11. Thank you so much! Other videos did not mention to gentle pull down on refrigeration line. I tried forever to pull out maker…it was stuck in the refrigeration line the whole time! Thanks again!

  12. What were the 2 buttons pressed ? I see it’s fridge and energy saver but when I press both nothing happens

  13. What a poor design thanks for the video

  14. Is it possible to remove the entire outer box and ice maker? I’m done with the freeze ups and bought an under-counter ice machine for our kitchen renovation. Would be nice to have the extra fridge space if this was removed completely.

  15. This is such a coincedence, our ice maker just went out last night, and I'm not kidding. We've had the refrigerator for over 3-years and I should've bought the extended warranty. We have the LG, I'm happy to see that I am able to fix this myself, I am going broke hiring people to do things around the house. I am a new subscriber, your channel (this video) is so valuable. I want to see more from you and hope you keep making videos again!

  16. You saved the day!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  17. Showed removing a 240 plug on a 120v fridge. Interesting

  18. Ben, you are the man! thanks for the video

  19. How long should I run defrost mode? Any way to turn off the loud beep? Gosh this is frustrating

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