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HOW TO FIX: Teredo Unable To Qualify (Forza Horizon 4 PC) [Windows 10]

In todays video I showcase a FIX for the ‘Teredo is Unable to Qualify’ issue on Windows 10. This inhibits you from playing multiplayer games such as Forza titles, but can be fixed with a few steps. I first explain what DIDN’T work for me, then showcase what did! I utilise the Command Prompt to get this working again. I’ve left the Reddit post I read this on, plus a website and YouTube video that delve further into other steps the possibly can help you!

(This is just to check status) netsh interface teredo show state

netsh int teredo set state disable
netsh int teredo set state type=default
netsh int teredo set state enterpriseclient
netsh int teredo set state servername=teredo.remlab.net

00:00 – Intro
00:44 – Temporary/Failed Fixes I Tried
04:42 – Disclaimer On Fix
05:05 – HELP If It Doesn’t Work
05:36 – Outro


How to fix Teredo is unable to qualify issue in Xbox App?
byu/OG-Lomeri inWindows10


How to download and install Silverlight on Windows 10

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  1. IMPORTANT INFO: Forza's OWN Servers are playing up currently, we don't have control of fixing this. Some people can get on, some can't and others are partly limited.

  2. Funny how I still can't play the game that I've payed for in full, 2 years ago….

  3. I really don't know what is wrong with my computer at this point…

  4. bro, may, 2023… didn;t work i been struggling 3 days srm,dngldkfnlgkvsnrlkgvsefg

  5. I am looking for a solution for 4 days now and nothing seems to be working at all I'm starting to give up

  6. I appreciate your try mate, but i have been trying for weeks and nothing is working

  7. guys i found how to fix this problem for me even my xbox says that my xbox line is connected somehow i still can't play online. it says ip sec error or something like that. you guys just have to log out and it will auto close your game then go back into the game and sign in. it really works now i can play FORZA ONLINEEE.. its 6 February 2023!! and still can play!!… sorry if my grammar bad… 🙂

  8. Not working. It almost feels like Microsoft is playing against us, not wanting us to play Forza.

  9. Mine on final result states network unmanaged. Any help.???

  10. Nope, doesn't work either

  11. what should I do when the NAT Typ says "Moderate"?

  12. unfortunately this fix did not work for me still unable to connect and blocked status, if anyone has any other fixes please lmk asap, im tryna play halo reach

  13. It still doesn’t work 😢😢

  14. Didn't work for me but thumbs up for the well detailed vid

  15. still didn't work 🙁

  16. Just sign out in the game opening, and sign in microsoft account again.

  17. its showing me network: unmanaged

  18. saddly this didnt work for me either. thanks for the easy tutorial tho 🙂

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