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How to fix oil leakage of Diesel engine | Truck engine oil leakage fix

Watch how a small problem caused a bigger disaster Let me show you how you can prevent it! This Hino FM2P was serviced and got tuned. After the service this engine ran for 700km then the problem got started. There was an oil leakage left unchecked causing the engine to cease. Somehow the mechanic when he was tuning and servicing the engine, missed this oil leakage, which actually was the whole point of servicing. That mechanic’s small mistake caused this truck driver a great loss. Always check Truck’s engine to find if oil or water is dripping because that could cause you a lot of trouble. Watch complete video and DO NOT SKIP ANY PART unless another loss is waiting for you!
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Truck Name = HINO FM2P
Engine Name = P11C

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