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Why Your Gaming Posture SUCKS (& How To Fix It)

Why your gaming posture sucks (& how to fix it). POSTURAL EXERCISES, ERGONOMICS, ETC. Hope you enjoy!

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I am a STUDENT physical therapist, meaning I DO have knowledge in this field as a doctorate student, but I am NOT a legal professional. ALWAYS consult a doctor and/or doctor of physical therapy for a proper eval and treatment for YOU. Basically, ALL aspects of this video are NOT a substitute for diagnosis, evaluation, and/or treatment from qualified healthcare providers.



  1. GREAT NEWS: Code “LUNCH” is now LIVE at Respawn Products! If you’re like me and enjoy their chairs be sure to use my code 🧡

  2. Thanks man! That's very well-made and educational. We appreciate you!

  3. 'disclaimer: not a legal doctor' proceeds to absolutely fry my brain with medical terms

  4. Aciu, padejote man 💀💀💀

  5. I literally have the same chair you have but the pillows that come with it do not feel comfortable at all. I have the lower back one on but the neck pillow gives me neck pain and is not adjustable.

  6. I'm late to this video but quarantine has really messed up my back after tons of gaming and sitting through zoom classes all day. This was super helpful and I hope I can get back in shape.

  7. fr tho no one will utilize the a chari when it comes to a competitive gaming session

  8. hey man really appreciate the vid im 17 and i looked like a fucking gremlin while gaming and had back pain from time to time these tips really helped

  9. My awful hunchback has lingered with me long after not playing games anymore. I hate it.

  10. Really cool video, happy this was recommended

  11. Love the video. I haven't been having bad posture while standing, it's just I have gaming posture while gaming. The thing is, I recently picked up a job where I'm standing all the time l. When I'm standing at work at about the 1 1/2 hour mark, my upper back feels terrible. This video I feel is going to help me a lot.

    Side note: I had issues finding a pillow that would be the right size so I used a travel pillow and just wrapped it around my lower back. So far, it's been working well.

  12. My son has developed a dowagers hump because of this!

  13. im not sure if you will respond to this but it would be awesome if you will!

    my left shoulder (keyboard shoulder) has been bugging me for the past 3 months when gaming and its just hard to concentrate on games and perform good, what should i do to fix the pain?

  14. Thanks for this. I really appreciate i:)

  15. My neck hurts everyday for 1 yr now. Thank you for this.

  16. My gaming posture is probably why I’m short

  17. thanks, i feel so much better now

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