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How to clean synthetic paintbrushes and fix hooked tips

Here’s a quick, easy, and cheap way to revive your affordable synthetic brushes.

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  1. I have gone from abuse husband who beats his brushes every day to abuse husband who beats his brushes everyday BUUT takes them to the hospital immediately after and apologizes profusely the whole time

  2. We have the same kettle, and I assume toaster

  3. You have the same kettle as me 😂

  4. Wow I can’t wait to try this!!!

  5. I’m not sure about my English brothers o’er yonder, but if you’re in the states, there’s a miracle substance over here:

    It’s a Mexican soap called Zote.

    It’s used for when you wanna wash clothes the old fashioned way, but it also cleans paintbrushes like nobody’s business.

    It comes in a huge brick and I think my sister only payed 5$ or so for it.

    All you do is cut off a little piece, dampen it, run the brush over it enough times to accumulate soap, and the keep at that until the brush has been cleaned to your liking.

    I’m sure Guy here either already went over this or suggested better methods, but I wanted to share this one.

  6. Ffs finaly some tips i can do . Half of these videos are just donts and never how to do it . And also this wont take half a day to do after painting

  7. Very practical & innovative approaches to paint brush maintenance!

  8. Thank you for the video! I simply don’t have the time to baby my brushes after every painting session. I’m going to try this and if it doesn’t work I’ll just go get some more cheap brushes

  9. Dish soap, you mean washing up liquid

  10. This is a very handy vid, subbed👍🏻

  11. been looking for gum arabic online because I've heard you can reshape brush tips with them, but they are way too expensive, glad to have found this video lol

    synthetic brushes are cheap but I don't want to buy new ones just because my current ones are a bit frayed

    tried this with one some of my brushes and so far so good!

  12. Some of my brushes will live another day! Thanks!

  13. Just one thing, the hot water needs to be shallower or for you to keep the brush further up the container because the very hot water destroys the glue in the ferrule.

  14. Great video. Just want to add one more important tip: Dont let your brushes stand up when they dry. Water will soak into the wooden handle. The wood will expand and the head of the brush becomes loose. Brushes should lay down to dry 🙂

  15. Tried this tip and it ruined my brushes. The ends became splitted

  16. thank you for the matt clay tip <3

  17. I’ve used IPA to clean the brush and Chap Stick

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