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6 Common Perspective Mistakes (and how to fix them 🔧)

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  1. This is the one area I do struggle with, getting perspective right. I'm getting ready to start a new painting this week, this video is fairly informative and helpful

  2. I approach it like so. I recognize it being there but i tend to eye out most stuff i tend to repeat alot and have sort of a pattern for it. But when i want to emphasise something, like extending arm etc, i use vanishing point where i need it.

  3. You saved my lifeeeee Hahaha! Thank yoouuu ❤

  4. Because of the needless bad word, I cannot use this video with my students. Why can’t you be more clever than that?

  5. how to not suck at perspective: don't do them. don't even need to watch the video.

  6. my biggest problem with perspective is drawing things that DONT follow the grid lines, my brain just cant comprehend what length and angle to draw the lines at, even for simple boxes.

    even the simplest things like a cube mans head tilted downwards to look at the ground, instead of looking straight ahead, is something struggle with immensely. and i genuinely dont understand how to draw those things without ruining the initial perspective

    most of the time the result looks like said head is either:
    A. looking at a different direction entirely
    B. a completely different size/then its supposed to be
    C. just not the correct shape
    D. all of the above at once

  7. When an object rotates it has different vanishing points related to the horizon line, only objects that are parallel to each other have the same vanishing points. If objects are all on the ground plane or parallel to it, they have the same horizon line, but when they aren't parallel to ground plane, well that changes.

  8. I was able to meet kim jung gi when he did a live drawing session in my city. It was amazing. Still cant believe he's gone, but his legacy and skills will be remembered and referenced for a long long time. Great video!

  9. This is a really helpful video, but I would disagree with you on that point of telling people not to try to make huge art pieces until they're good at it. Lots of people are doing art for non-professional purposes, and want to develop better skills, and have fun doing it. Trying out a large scale piece and experimenting with perspective could have a lot of value for them, regardless of how good that person is at using art skills.

  10. "Isometric perspective" is the wrong term. You mean isometric projection. Perspective is just a kind of projection. I also disagree that Isometric projection is as useless. It can help develop imagination. Especially for impossible figures. It can help compose complex scenes in perspective

  11. Its like every year at least a dozen new "art gurus" come out of the woodwork to make a buck on selling knowledge they don't even have. At least have the decency to learn how to actually illustrate before you even attempt teaching others, this is like the first peak of the Dunning-Krueger chart.

  12. great video! I have HOPE again. 😉 Thank you.

  13. The part where you talk about seeing a cool art and being inspired to do something similar was super relatable to me, I even started to avoid looking to others drawings because when I see someone that is super skilled, I get inspired to study more and do things like the person, but at the same time that's bad because I tend to stoo drawing just for fun and start studying only because I get too anxious to get good

  14. art is science. it's physics (light /shadow/colour theory/tone), chemistry (media, paper, paint ect), biology (anatomy) and most-abso-importantly MATHES.
    you cannot create art without geometry, trigonometry, perspective and 3D spacial geometry (absolutely different from 2D geometry).
    the fallacy of separating science from art and advertising as such is so damaging.
    if artists would realize how much science they incorporate in their daily lives, they'd be offended for not being called a scientist.

    sincerely, a scientist and an artist

  15. Thanks, can you show us how to make those perspective grids.

  16. Love the way you do your videos as always.

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