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How to Fix Flat Hair – TheSalonGuy

thesalonguy #hairtutorial #haircut How to layer hair to give it more volume is the topic of this hair tutorial. Buy My Hair Products!



  1. Layered hair always looks more clean to me.

  2. i've been trying to make my hair much lighter for a while, this definitelly helped me

  3. Watching this after cutting my hair lol

  4. My problem is the reverse I want volume

  5. It’s crazy that people can’t just learn from him without constantly being transfixed on the fact he’s bald. Who cares? I doubt he enjoys reading those comments 24/7.

  6. hes bald how tf does he know

  7. I don't understand why 100% of stylists I go to will NOT give me layers like this. Why?!

  8. Guys I think I messed up

  9. Can you please tell how to do this for side hair, or I just do the same thing, but horizontal?

  10. POV: you're watching this while having a flatten dry hair

  11. Dude I think I'm finally starting to get it, thanks a lot!

  12. I just tried it on the right side of my head, before the cut my hair was really good, it was just too long, so I was needed a cut. I wanted it to be a little more fluffy, but it caused my hair to be more flat on the right side. :/ My hair is kinda "sliding" on my left side in a flat way. Sadly it didn't help me :/ My hair is way too thick, so I guess this is why.

  13. My hair is so long the top always grows faster and always becomes one length

  14. Salon Guy about to put everyone out of business 😹

  15. What’s the name of this style btw

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