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HOW TO FIX Keurig K-Supreme Coffee Maker DEAD, NO POWER ? How To Reset Thermostat Inside

How to Fix / Repair Keurig K-Supreme, K-Supreme Plus K-Cup Coffee Maker no power. Power Light does not come on. My Keurig just died, will not work. How to Open your Keurig Up and RESET the overtemperature Thermostat with a paperclip that is inside your Keurig after you DESCALE IT. How to remove the outer shell and check with a Ohm meter the overtempt thermostat to see if it has opened up after you descaled. What screws you have to remove and how to undue the clips that hold the shell on. How to check if you have a bad water pump. Very Simple and easy fix for you to fix your Keurig. Remember to unplug the unit before you remove the outer cover and put the outer cover on before you plug it back in.
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  1. Thankyou , that fixed mine right up.

  2. You've saved countless people countless dollars. Thank you so much. Cool that like 110K people have viewed this and sounds like keurig hasn't fixed anything with their product beyond hoping people buy a new one.

  3. This video saved us over $100.00 … thank you so much for the detail! Awesome!

  4. I am livid only had mine for a little over a year descaled and took good care of my machine now doesn't work turned on to make a cup of coffee and started smelling like burning wires and shut off then I unplugged and left sitting there …replaced in nothing…shame on you keurig we all work hard for our money saved to buy this and never again will I buy your products

  5. Thank you so much! This just fixed my machine. Now I can cancel my order for a new machine that I placed last night! ❤

  6. Thanks! Showed my dad the power of youtube to fix things. Worked for us!

  7. Thanks for the video! Great instructions!! Did all of it and tested it – power was back on; however, it STOP. The plastic felt hot – so the machine is broken. Learned that I can take it apart with lots of patience. Thanks again!!! We've only had this Keurig since Jan 2022 and this happened after I've descaled it with vinegar. Sad that Keurig is doing this to their consumers – over $100 coffee machine will stop working within a year or 2 (read some comments even within 6 months). Will not buy any Keurig anymore.

  8. Thank you! I will try this later. My machine is only 5 months old 😭

  9. You just saved me $100+ dollars!! It fixed it just like you said! I’m so excited!! Thank you!!

  10. Thank you for this tutorial!!! Unfortunately it turned on and went dead again. I’m done with the Keurig brand. I loved the multi stream and upgrades from my previous Keurig. I didn’t use it that often mostly cold weather for hot drinks. I bought it at Costco on sale pre inflation prices. It makes no sense for it to stop working. Reading comments on this model it seems to be a known issue. I’ll go back to the basics and keep it simple life before Keurig.😊

  11. Thanks just saved me while I was cleaning it. It said keep putting the cleaner threw till the low light came on but it never came on so a reset might of just did it

  12. Thank you so much!!! mine shut off mid descaling…. It works again yay! popping the case of is a pain in the ass though. I couldn't get it on properly 🙁

  13. Mine wont power on and I'm pissed its a year old. Noone has time to do all this ish ima just buy a new one.

  14. Newer version comes a part differently but I guess easier … (3 pieces) but same problem/fix – still says DESCALE but had a back-up in the garage so we will deal with that later.

  15. My thermostat is not there? The red wire connects to metal pipes??😢

  16. Nice tutorial, I reset my thermostat, and it is working

  17. 2nd time this video has saved me, thank you !

  18. If you broke then I’ll massacre them. Ours is spewing water everywhere. Why do these expensive machines break down in less then a year. I think I’ve bought my last one.

  19. How about where can I drill a hole in the side of it? To save 30 minutes of that effort.

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