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How to Fix HIDs that Aren't Working Properly

In this video, I show you how to fix a set of HID’s that have problems, such as flickering, they do not turn on, one of them shuts off, or anything else power related. When you hook up an HID kit to your car, your OEM wiring might not supply the proper power that the ballasts need. In that situation, you may run into problems. If you install a relay harness on your HID kit, you will be getting power directly from the battery, and the OEM wiring is only going to be a signal to activate a relay for the lights.

We picked up this HID kit and relay harness from DDM tuning’s website.

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  1. Hi, I have installed HID on my Lexus CT200h. When I start the engine, (with the option "automatic headlights") the left side turns on, but the right side doesn't. I need to turn off and to turn on the headlights manually and in this case the 2 sides start successfully. This Capacitor will resolve this problem too ? Thanks a lot.

  2. I have a wiring harness installed and my lights stay on when I turn off the car u think it's the relay switch opened? Causing my battery to die

  3. So even if you have stock headlights with the projector bulb i would still have to get the oem relay harness also?

  4. What’s the type of harness is for a 2006 Honda Civic si coupe with after market projectors headlamps H1 HID 200watts?

  5. Hope you guys heard that(talks immediately over the noise ) smh

  6. Hi.. great vid…I have a new HID kit and even with a harness i still have flikering….Im not sure what else to do…please help…I checked all the wires everything seems good….i also tried a warning canceller and same problem

  7. I installed a brand new kit and only 1 side turned on. I tested both ballast and bulb and both are good. So dont understand why other side not working? Dual beam h4 with relay harness. Only thing i can think of is i grounded negative to chassis cause wire not long enough to goto negative terminal of battery. Could that be my problem?

  8. Yeah we not doing all that ..

  9. I have a 2015 Chrysler 200 Limited had HID lights put in. The HID lights are not working properly. I contacted the Company and they said I need a battery relay harness. Then later needed a warning canceller compacitor. Now the driver side light come on for about 3 seconds, flicker and then goes off. Help

  10. Hello guys I need your advise with my xenon..I have h4 xenon kit harness with H1 bulbs to run my retrofit projectors.The first time I turn the switch on everything work perfect.But when I turn off the lights and try to turn them back on again they don't light up. Lights need 1 or 2 minutes after I close them to work again. Any help?

  11. Just wondering, why don't you just add in a capacitor in between the positive and negative supply going to the ballast?

  12. I missed something… If you wire the lights direct to the battery, why aren't they on all the time – nothing seems to connect to the OEM wiring so the switch in the cabin is not connected into the circuit?

  13. I believe you are not married. A man with your IQ will be kicked out of the house. Listen carefully, we do. You should have put a damn circuit diagram to make things simple. Besides you are a messy guy and you talk to irrireeeeeeeeeetatttttte people….I disliked your video.

  14. I've installed a HID conversation kit with relay on my 2018 F150 and also turned my DRL settings off. They have worked perfectly up until a few days ago and now are constantly on even with the switch and vehicle turned off… any ideas?? I have to pull the fuse to turn them off and to save the battery.

  15. i still have issues with relay, if i rotate the low and high beam one stops working

  16. Hi man it's very good to hear you, want to ask you I have aftermarket hid xenon, but I am not satisfied, it looks like normal halogen is throwing light not on road, its vision is not clear, light spreads here and there so what can I do to solve this problem please help me.

  17. i have my hids set up exactly like this..but no lights are coming on (all of a sudden..they did work for months)my relay is not getting switched on..i replaced the relay but that did nothing..i actually had an old cracked relay that i had rigged to prevent the inside from making contact and viola..lights are on..but ..i have to physically disconnect the cracked relay to turn the lights off…my automatic lights and my actual light switches do not work…HELP!

  18. Hi do I put one canceller on both sides?? I do have a relay harness on and my right side flickers and relay makes a loud buzzing noise

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