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Garage Door Keypad Not Working? How To Fix Easy

In this video I give a tutorial on how to troubleshoot why your LiftMaster garage door keypad isn’t working. This will be a similar process on Craftsman and Chamberlain Garage door keypads. I show you how to change the battery and how to replace the keypad if it needs replaced. Watch this video to learn why your LiftMaster Garage door keypad isn’t working and learn how to fix it.

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  1. spent too much time show changing battery.

  2. What part of the vid explains when everything works except the Enter button to close the door. New keep pad.

  3. Good video and great focus on the safety aspect,too!

  4. Why would it break though? We have not had ours long and it seems to need to be replaced already. Is it worth replacing?

  5. Very detailed and helpful, Thank you!

  6. Safety. First thing he said😅

  7. My key pad wasn't lighting up at all. I removed the battery and reinstalled the same battery and it worked again… for a little while then stopped lighting up again. This time I flipped the battery so it lays on the its other side and now it keeps working!

  8. Thank you! I was able to fix my issue thanks to your video!!

  9. Hi, Todd! My keypad started working sporadically a few days ago. This morning when it didn't work, I used my garage door app on my phone to close and open the door. When I closed the door with the app, I noticed that the opener unit on the ceiling of the garage beeped for a few seconds and the light flashed during the beeping, and then the door closed. Any ideas on what all that means? BTW, thank you for your easy-to-follow instructions!

  10. Why do you need to wear gloves?

  11. Caution: The wiring for the battery is fragile as I now have found out twice in 13 years. Fixed the first time, this time one wire popped off the circuit board from its solder mounting. I have to figure out how to access the circuit board to fix it. The rear back plate is not yielding and it is the only access point. Chamberlain could not have made this easy.

  12. Hey there we’ve had our garage pad for a few years but we’re actually struggling with taking the keypad OFF to change the battery. Any tips on how to do that? No amount of pressure or thumb power is enabling us to take off the cap as easily as it’s showing in the video 😅 please help! I’m looking at the video at 2:22

  13. Hi can you please show us how to erase all previous pin codes from keypad, my keypad adds new pin and also keep working on old pins.
    Thank you!

  14. My keypad is flashing lights right after entering new code numbers! Any idea?

  15. I hooked my car up to it and the pad and the remotes stop working. Just can open it by my car

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