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How To FIX A SLOW & Weak Flushing Toilet 4 Different Ways Guaranteed! DIY For Beginners!

– Toilet Auger With 3’ Snake – https://amzn.to/3EYpjgz
– Water/Oil Extractor Syringe Suction Pump – https://amzn.to/3xtd3Be
– Hex Allen Wrench Set – https://amzn.to/3913j7K
– Toilet Plunger With Bowl Brush – https://amzn.to/3GZLZN5
– Pocket Mirror – https://amzn.to/3x7rMjI
– Bleach – https://amzn.to/3tlLF5p

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On this video I will be showing you How To FIX A SLOW & weak Flushing Toilet 4 Different Ways Guaranteed! DIY For Beginners!

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  1. Thank you so much for the video you probably saved me several hundred dollars. Toilet was not flushing worth a crap pardon the pun lol but i was going to call a Plummer because i replaced everything in the back of the toilet new float literally everything brand new and still did not flush at all. I cleaned the back hole were you said sedamits can plug it and sure enough it looked like a gravel pit once i started scraping at that back hole. After a good 15 min af scraping at it nothing else was coming out of the hole and now it flushes like a champ. I was being told they were going to have to pull the toilet and snake the plumbing so thank you so very much.

  2. THANK YOU!!! I'm hoping your tips work! Will let you know tomorrow.

  3. I watched 6 videos on this vary topic and I want to say thanks your the very first person that posted a video and you actually did watch your title said. Not even the fact you did 4 different ways or could be reason, when you showed one of your methods you actually did not skip the most important steps instead you were very thorough, had camera where it was easy to see and you did not spend all the time showing where you bought the plunger, coat hanger, mirror, tires on your work van, what you had to eat before, best pliers for cutting coat hangers and all the stuff other video's creators spent the entire video covering. They did not educate any one watching instead they made all of those who watched become dumber and IQ fell about 20 points.

  4. Excellent instruction. Will try shortly and let you know about the results.

  5. Thanks! The mineral blockage trick worked on mine! Would white vinegar be a suitable substitute for bleach?

  6. The number one reason toilets block is because people use them. Stop letting people use your shitter including yourself.

  7. I can't believe that you are demonstrating how to use an auger and don't even know how to use it yourself. The way you showed the people how to use the auger is pretty sad..

  8. Ummm. The snake pulls back into the arm of the toilet auger. The tube is made to keep from the auger muaring (sp) or marking the toilet or leaving marks in it. If you lift up on the handle of that auger it pulls itself up into the. And then you stick it in the toilet and push it down through the trap for the back of the toilet.

    Mmmm. Let put our toilet water in the sink. Mmmmm. Memories as your brushing your teeth. USE A BUCKET $5.

  9. I live in an apartment. They don't want fix anything..toilet had been leaking running ,,everything.. they want their rent$ but don't wanna fix zero..I don't even think they have a maintenance man here..only a chubby guy who sweeps the sidewalks and picked up trash. I'm not doing this myself cause old mgr gets mad about stuff like that and acts like in lying or something when I say something is wrong. I think all hell about to break loose here soon before anything gives.

  10. What to do if the I dont have a flush tank but the flush is directly connected from the main water tank via a valve? Where do I put the dish washing detergent/bleach?

  11. Thanks! I had the mineral build-up and your suggestion solved the problem!

  12. What about using white vinegar instead of bleach?

  13. Very well done. 🚽 Thank You.

  14. Thank you. Going to fix my toilet. 😊

  15. You saved me . I thought this was going to be a nightmare. Thought it was the main drain. I cleaned out the jets and it solved the problem. Thanks bro

  16. I use the toilet auger a little different. It has a rubber on the curved end to prevent scratching the porcelain. Pull the line out at the top where the handle is. Insert the curved end (with the rubber) into the trap and then push the line in as you turn the handle. Reverse these steps to remove.

  17. Wrong!! You do not hand feed the snake into the trap. Would you put your hands in a toilet full of waste?

  18. You're not using that auger correctly and you're scratching the toilet! You need to push and pull the metal cable through the guide tube, which is there to protect the porcelain. The curved tip of guide tube needs to stay pushed in the hole of the toilet to all times and you push or pull the metal cable through it with the rotating handle

  19. While I cleaned all the jets, even the jet on the bottom front of the bowl, they weren't clogged. I used the hot water bucket in the bowl – about 5 times. I was just about to go buy me a toilet auger, but it cleared up.

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