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How To Fix Loose Wobbly Wheel Hub

I show how to repair a bike wheel with a loose hub that wobbles. I disassemble, the hub, clean, lubricate, and reassemble the bub with new bearings. After the overhaul, the wheel spun smooth with no wobble in the hub. The bike is a 2010 Specialized Hardrock.

Most front hubs use ten 3/16″ balls on each side; Most rear hubs use nine 1/4″ on each side.

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  2. What kind of grease do you use in the bearing?
    Does anyone know by chance what size bearings a 1994 Trek 7000 would have used? It would be nice to get them before I take my wheel apart and don't have a bike

  3. you have to leave some play in the hub if it's a thru axle

  4. As always RJ, you are a wealth of knowledge for low-cost fixes. Thanks.

  5. Many thanks for this video. My son and his friend tried to fix a puncture and manged to pull apart the internals of the hub. Now I know how to fix it oh and purchase bearings that they lost 😅

  6. All used bike back wheel always loose

  7. The washer inbetween the locknut and the cone is very handy to stop your flat tool getting stuck when tightening the nut.

  8. Is there a reason this happens besides general wear? I haul a lot of stuff on my bike, so would it be worth maybe buying a beefier hub? Or would it make no difference?

  9. Is it possible to replace slightly larger bearings as long as they fit and work properly?

  10. Hey man what are you supposed to do if everything that you're working on is a brand-new like your stuff

  11. Yes thx, just done my 1977 bike, great help. 🇬🇧

  12. Hi there – I've just got a brand new Orange MTB, and there is a very slight wobble like this on the front wheel – do you think that's a problem? Or should I just keep an eye on it ?

  13. My wheele was wobbly, turns out my wheele bearing is just GONE😂

  14. I've just had a new 'race' put in & the lock nuts are tight but there is still a tiny amount of play in the wheel. I took it to the bike shop to eliminate any play whatsoever! Is this acceptable?

  15. Thank you RJ. Revisiting your video 2 years later.

  16. Very good tutorial for a common issue.

  17. All the wheels I’ve messed with I’ve never seen that style dust cap. I do mostly bmx and beach cruisers.

  18. Hey man, Great video on explaining what the issue might be and how to fix them, it's easy to understand and very easy to follow. Thanks for the guide!

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