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How to Bypass ESC Easy on 1981-1986 Chevrolet Trucks (Silverado, Scottsdale, Custom Deluxe, C10 K10)

A much requested video on how to bypass ESC on old Chevy Squarebody Trucks. I make a module that you can purchase to avoid cutting your factory wiring (Either link purchases a easy bypass module directly from me):


If you are troubleshooting no spark or need to bypass your malfunctioning or disliked ESC you can use the method in this video. The little module I make makes it quick and easy with no cutting of factory wiring. You may need to adjust timing after you bypass.

My Understanding is ESC was on trucks from 1981 to 1986 for the LE9/305 models. It may fit others if you have ESC, and it may not fit yours, trucks of that era had a LOT of options and variations.



  1. I have a 1986 C10 short wide. Best vehicle I have ever owned. I deleted everything electronic. Back to 70s technology. Perfection

  2. ESC? Invented only to deal with knocking from the crappy low-octane fuel of the early 1980s? That stupid computer left me stranded many times in the 1990s and nearly got me killed a few times. They can cut your ignition off with a violent lurch on the freeway.

  3. When was ESC introduced anyway? 1983 or something? They tell me I should unhook the pink wire on the distributor cap also (isn't that a harmless open circuit?) or replace it with an earlier GMC HEI distributor. Pre-1983? A 4-pin module instead of my 5-pin?

  4. If i did this are you saying id have to adjust my idle screw up or down. I dont have an rpm gauge do i need to get one?

  5. m 87 350 shuts off intermitently usually when i come to a stop, ive tried so many things but not this

  6. I jumped mine and it fixed all my problems. I ordered your jumper plug for a permanent fix until I find a new ESC. Where is the best place to buy an ESC?

  7. I got 86 custom deluxe it runs but when I hit 30 miles hr it quit running

  8. What will happen if you just disconnect the ESC connector in the engine bay?

  9. Thanks for the info great video

  10. Does that distributor have a vaccume advance someone took off the smog stuff and put a hei with vaccume advance and it is throwing for sale the esc one without vaccume advanc and the ecm plug is hanging out.

  11. So can you just put a hei distributor with a vaccume advance

  12. None of my trucks have ever had that. Had an 87, 89, 86 c10, 86 k10, 79 k5 and a 90 V2500

  13. Thank you so much for this video, my 86 wasn’t getting spark and we had already replaced the ICM in the dist. Once we jumped A,C on the harness we got spark and it fired up for the first time in 14 years! Thank you so much this video was incredibly helpful.

  14. I've been chasing a rough idle issue on my 85 High Sierra for years. I've smoked it, no vacuum leaks, intake gasket is good, etc. I noticed that
    someone had just unplugged the ESC before I bought the truck. Could this be it?! I'm going to go jump those wires and give it a try.

  15. Just take it all out…change intake for 120…new carb. Distributor .and ground the shit out of it…less wires more driving!!

  16. Great video! What type of motor is in that beautiful truck? 305 Le9?

  17. Woud that be the same on a 1982 Silverado 30

  18. Hi eFam Adventures
    It's me again and further to my ignition problems with my 85 C10. When my mechanic bypassed the ESC to get spark as l mentioned the truck would run for 5 or 10 min. then stop and won't start unless it rests for 30 min or so. He used a blue (colour) plastic splicer that has 2 holes for 2 wires to fit into. When the black and green wires are in fitting he squeezed with pliers and a metal insert makes contact through the plastic insulation to the metal wires and effectively bypassed ESC, however only ran for 5 or 10 min. The plastic splicer was on the distributor side of the 4 wire plug. Trying to source problem l took the 2 wire splicer off and plugged 4 wire connector back together, thus back to factory settings. I have the Mitchell manual to help me. I checked to see if power was getting to ESC through the pink fuseable link wire from the distributor, that my mechanic never did and there is lots of power to ESC. I think the ESC may be faulty but at least l know there is power getting there. My next step after disconnecting 4 wire connector plug was to jerryrigg a bypass similar to the one you had made up so it was making a good connection with the black and green wires. I started the truck many times and seems fine. Is it possible that the blue plastic splicer the mechanic used was somehow (as you suggested) heating up then failing? I've only tested in garage, not on road. Is there a lot of juice in the black and green wires to cause heating up then failing? My son ordered a proper bypass from your site so once l receive it l will try on the road. My mechanic originally retarded the timing to compensate for no ESC so I'm hoping it will be fine. He also plugged vacuum advance hose but why? Is it not necessary. I, as you said could have cut black and green wires and soldered together but want to eventually get new ESC and back to stock. Thanks again if nothing else I've learned a lot although as they say a little info can be dangerous
    The voice of reason and common sense in Mission, albeit a lousy mechanic.

  19. I left mine alone because I believe the. Knock sensor is tied into that system cheap insurance

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