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Google Pixel 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 Android 11 FRP bypass without apps or passcode.

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If you need to adb sideload this pixel firmware then watch this video playlist to learn all about it.

How to Identify the Code Name and model of your Android device

5 Things you need to know before rooting or hacking your android device https://youtu.be/n8LMyRqBViM

How to install Android Device drivers http://youtu.be/j_KPGUMzrjU

Why Root Android devices video http://youtu.be/6vqnnLnOn3g

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Warning… do this at your own risk. I am not responsible for what you do to your device.




  1. you can also disable the setup wizard and change your default home app to the pixel luancher from settings makes it way easier and faster

  2. Dont work on pixel 1
    3:30 when i clic to share , it open directly in a update. when i clic to do it , it ask me to enter gmail from the lock

  3. Not working anymore 🙁 When i download apk it is not starting

  4. Rootjunkie. Your a savior man

  5. this just proved that android need a lot of work on getting the device secured…my gosh

  6. Aw i just finished the tut. I tried it android 12 on pixel 4. I did everything… and when i reset (i didnt get to home screen) Boom… No padlock. I tap get started, and… padlock.

  7. It's telling me to update Google?

  8. Hi. My Pixel 2 shows “Just a sec” and not “Checking for updates”. After few tries, the “Just a sec” crashes and goes back to choosing wifi. The “Don’t Copy” screen does not show up. Any ideas/thoughts please?

  9. Bro its not working for pixel 3a

  10. cpnckn is not there on my device! how do i get the instructions right?

  11. When I write the mora code thing I get a different video and I can’t share it like u did

  12. So is this method cut off now? What you press at 2:45 is no longer there, or at least not on a pixel 2.

  13. Thanks for this great tutorial. I did have some issues with the first section, but once I realised what you were trying to achieve. I found an alternative way to access system applications and then followed the rest of the tutorial. Also I managed to bypass the need to change language and stay in English, which helped a lot.

  14. Thanks this is the first FRP bypass method that's actually worked for me!

  15. My settings wanted to update and i try open setting on my phone and it open and the lock remoted n come bk

  16. Hi! I saw most of your youtube videos. Recently I faced a problem with My device (Google Pixel XL). I woke up this morning and checked the time on my Pixel XL, about 30 mins after I checked my phone which has been powered off. I tried to power it on. Then I entered bootloader & it shows:

    BL: N/A
    Baseband: N/A
    Product/Variant: marlin-us-PVT
    Serial Number: HT74Bxxxxxxx
    CPU: MSM8996SG-AB 0x10001
    UFS: 128GB Toshiba
    DRAM: 4096MB Hynix LPDDR4
    Boot-slot: b
    Console: DISABLED
    Secure Boot: PRODUCTION
    Device is LOCKED

    Please help to resolve this.

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