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How to Fix KNOCK KNEES (without SURGERY!)

How to Fix KNOCK KNEES (without SURGERY!). In today’s video, I’ll cover the main causes of knock knees and the best exercises and stretches to fix your knee pain so you can start moving and feeling better!
Knock knees also known as genu valgum or knee valgus. This refers to the presentation of the knee’s collapse inwards (hence the knock knees) and the feet are separated. So we end up having excessive IR at the femur and tibia creating a lot of tightness on the inside and weakness on the outside of our legs.

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0:00 – Intro
0:26 – What is Knock Knees?
0:48 – What Causes Knock Knees?
2:28 – Knock Knees Correction Exercises

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  1. Do you have knock knees? Whether it's one knee or both, this video will be really helpful at correcting your valgus knee to helping you move and feel better! Let me know how these exercises do! 😊

  2. Hey! Im 15 year old and i have knock knees. I feel so scared for my future,if this remains all over my life

  3. Understanding why really helps. I thought I just have weak knees. I'm going to experiment with the concept within this video. Thank you very much.

  4. Ll u need to do is bend over and hold ur ankles with ur legs close together far more effective and faster results

  5. I never knew it's something that could be corrected, I just saw the video and I'm starting the exercises from tomorrow, I can't wear plants and shorts and shirt dresses because of these knock knees. Thank you for the workouts.

  6. Okk!!!! I’m Gonna Try This And Let You Know The Results In 2 Weeks💪🏻

  7. Impossible for me to do. Wow, are there no exercises for seniors and people who can't kneel? This is only for young people.

  8. How do we know if it’s genetic?

  9. I had straight legs before I broke my tibia 2 years ago, and now I have knocked legs.

  10. Thank you very much for your wonderful efforts❤

  11. thank you for sharing this video. I have knock knees everytime I look at my knees I'm so insecure and scared thinking that this is permanent. I thought only surgery could fix my knees, It was purely genetic when I got this knee. I am 19 years old and will try this exercise regularly. I hope few months from now I can see my progress

  12. I i have knocknee some ppl notice it and ask me every day what happend to some even make fun of me 😢 i hope this works i try from tmr till october 10 hope it works

  13. So if it is due to genetics it wont be corrected?

  14. if you re a girl , dont fix it , it looks so cute

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