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Car is not starting? How to do car immobilizer. Bypass Alarm with Key!

Car is not starting? Immobiliser Not Working? How to do car immobilizer (Do it self and zero costs). Key Immobilizer System, Issue could be immobilizer system. Bypass Alarm with Key!

What are the Common Symptoms of Immobiliser Problems in Car https://youtu.be/lFMqBX3oHbs



  1. Read comments here: https://youtu.be/z_CJMyx3klI . Many say that that life hack was helpful and really works. This method helped them to solve their problem. Try it and if it helps write in the comments here

  2. i need help plz i have a 1998 lexus that i have the metal piece the whole key but lost the chip on the key the black part..now i tried starting the car it will turn onand every thing works jiust doesnt crank over due to the chip missing..so i left my car where it was at..but went back after watching a few videos…i think i know where to fine the immobilizer but wen i tried jumping my car to do this the alarm was going off and need to by pass the alarm system first cuz where its parked is right in front of my jobs office and dont want to disturb my boss with that alarm if i cant shut it off

  3. will this work key without chips? please help!

  4. make sure you use varnished wire like's in transformer. Otherwise the loops will conduct like one big loop. He is scraping the varnish off the ends so it will conduct there only.

  5. I have a 2004 landrover discovery td5 2 how do i bypass emobelizer

  6. I have a jeep grand Cherokee Laredo 4×4 and the car was given to me but the last owner lost keys and he tried to punch the ignition out. So I try to start car and it starts but shuts off after five second

  7. I have 2000 opel corsa lite..immobilizer is fryd. Plz help

  8. How can I decode my mobilizer

  9. Mitsubishi colt 2.8 diesel 2006 model

  10. anybody here can tell if this will work on my 2010 dodge caliber??? pls help. thanks

  11. I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Montero sport immobilizer won't start

  12. Hi sir I have a corsa 1,4 utility bakkie…and doesn't want to start because of mobilizer

  13. Give this guy a chicken curry and lots of massala😂

  14. Fake, since you connect both end of the coil I am sure no magnetic field is created and will not generate any signal so that I why I wouldn't even try. Waste my time watching for the hack

  15. I have a MG 2012 saloon. Key was missed can you help me please

  16. Great sir I have reonlt sandero do same ?

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