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Quick tip- p0135, p0141, p0155 how to bypass these faults on mr2 roadster

A quick video showing how to bypass the 02 sensor malfunction on a mr2 roadster / spyder.

No posh camera work, no posh editing.. just a quick tip done on my phone.

Hope it helps someone.



  1. I placed a 15 ohm resistor, giving total resistance 4.28 ohms, this delayed the return of my check engine light. o.k. now if I replace the 15 ohms with a 35 ohms this adds total resistance 5.12 ohms in parallel. Is this a danger for the car's computer?

  2. Great video .. Looks like this is going to save my good bucks on my honda city ivtec. Im getting p0135 and upstream sensor seems to be malfunctioned.Can you please confirm if this will not impact fuel economy or cause to damage fuel injector or other stuff from engine??

  3. But, why connection in parallel ? rather in connection series!

  4. What’s the wire gauge did you used?

  5. Is this assuming a bad O2 sensor? Not my problem. I’m getting the P0141 code because my computer is not putting out the voltage to heat the sensor heating element. Good solution though.

  6. If you close your eyes it sounds like Hagrid teaching you things about the mr-s

  7. I had P0135 and P0141 errors – I bought new sensors, admittedly cheap ones for £5 each direct from China and they have brought up the error codes 50 miles later. I also fitted the same sensor on my Suzuki Alto daily and they have also failed. Is there a chance something else could be a problem – the cat? I bought the cars with these fault codes already present. Both cats are intact and look visibly good.

    Would the EML coming on result in limp home mode in anyway resulting in default values for fueling etc?

    Also, as said my catalytic converter looks in good nick, there's no smoke at all – so should I gut the cat now before it does anything bad? It's on 101000 miles.

    I had to remove the bottom cat from the car to remove the O2 sensor – everything failed to remove it until putting a 1m long breaker bar on a snap-on socket in a vice! Would never have been able to remove it on the car.

  8. This was the first video I saw by you when it came out 5 years ago when I was trying to figure out how to decat my mr2 which I didn’t do but I’ve watched all your mr2 spyder videos ever since. I can’t believe it’s been over 5 years now!! Anyway I finally decided to turbo my mr2 and might need some help so I’ll be rewatching your videos!! Ps 0 thumbs down

  9. best MR2 Spyder channel

  10. I did this on 2001 carvan and now get po134 (no activity detected in circut).

  11. What kinda resistor is that is it for LED lights?

  12. Exactly what I needed to know – great video, subscribed.

  13. Were these spliced onto the wires of the sensor? Or was the heater circuit just run through the resistor and not the Sensor?

  14. I'm getting P0171 system bank too lean, and when i check the rear o2 sensor on the obd it's not getting any voltage. If i un plug the sensor and plug it back in it gets around .7-.8. and they light will stay off for a while until it comes back on and it's not getting voltage again. Not sure what the exact problem is if anyone has any ideas that would help! It's a brand new sensor I'm using from mr2Ben.

  15. Blessings, how long do you have to drive the vehicle after you install the resistor and did I need to cut the engine light off before I do this? 2003 accord 2.4 lx

  16. Guys, guys, just use black tape on top of the light and it's a job done in 0.5s. 🙂

  17. Wouldn't this prevent your ECM from metering the correct air/fuel mix?

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