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How to Fix Secure Boot option grayed out in BIOS, Disable Secure Boot UEFI Windows 7/10

How to fix secure boot option grayed out in bios, disable secure boot uefi Windows 7/10
hey guys, here’s how to solve Secure Boot option grayed out in UEFI mode or unable to disable secure boot. Actually, this not any huge problem, you need to follow some simple steps in your PC’s UEFI settings to activate the Secure Boot option. Watch this video for more information.


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  1. this didnt work i had UEFI mode on too

  2. my laptop is still asking for password after resting password.i can't take exit from bio pass setting , what should i do now?

  3. Im still stuck on that bios over and over again. Help.

  4. Thanks, amazingly helpful. Before watching your presentation I wasted a lot of time because I didn't know that not having a password would stop me from disabling secure boot. I wrongly imagined that I had a faulty uefi/bios as the computer wouldn't start soon after a win 11 upgrade.

  5. Bro I wanna come and kiss you please 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 finally finally someone who helped me

  6. Theres no supervisor password for me

  7. 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓🚔🥰🥰

  8. For some reason mine does not show secure boot pls help

  9. Thank you.

    It helped a lot.

    For those who want to configure the BIOS: Vito Credente@user-kh2yj1wy2c




  10. How to do exactly the same for Boot mode?

  11. Big thanks from my heart you deserve all good things ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  12. bro my whole boot is gryed out pls help me dell bios

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