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How to Fix a Bulging Disc in Your Lower Back | RELIEF IN SECONDS!

Dr. Rowe goes over how to fix a bulging disc in your lower back with AT-HOME spinal decompression exercises that give relief in seconds!

In this video, 3 spinal decompression exercises are shown to help lower spinal disc pressure and give relief.

A bulging disc is one of the main causes of a pinched nerve in the lower back. Symptoms generally include sharp, shooting sciatica pains into the buttocks, leg, and feet.

The way to fix a herniated disc is to reduce the pressure within the spinal discs… or simply decompress the disc.

That way bulging material is brought back into the spinal disc, and off the pinched nerve, allowing you to heal and have less pain.

Watch now and take one step towards better health!


Dr. Michael Rowe
St. Joseph MI chiropractor

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  1. How did these exercises work for you? Let us know!

  2. Had acute pain at the lower regions. Its been instense pain for about a week now. Will attempt the stretching b4 i get my MRI scan.

  3. Thanks for your very simple explanation ❤❤❤.It really helps in healing from back pain.

  4. Traduzido para o português brasileiro, seria mais adequado!

  5. Can I just use a pull up bar and an inversion table at home? A combination of those 2 would be a great IMO @DrRowe

  6. This is a life saver! I was in miserable pain. My herniation is S1 my entire leg was burning

  7. Does
    traction therapy works when the disc bulge is in acute phase? I have watched a video where a physiotherapist argued, in acute or fresh disc bulge condition, traction therapy will increase the pain. it is recommended to do in chronic phase. What's your opinion about it. Please reply because I am so confused.

  8. Will an inversion table be helpful along with these exercises?? Thank you

  9. Can my mother (65 yrs old) perform these excercises? She is experiencing severe diffuse disc bulging at L3-L4.

  10. Can this cause sciatica?

  11. As a mechanical engineer i can tell you two words " plastic deformation"
    A bulging or herniated disc is plasticly deformed and cannot be returned to its initial form . Just like a bend ruler cannot be straight again.
    Nice story , but doesn't work.

  12. What are your thoughts with an inversion table?

  13. Does lying down for a long time make the pain worse? I used an inversion bed but it was worse just solving the momentary problem 🙁

  14. i was in pain since a week, recently diagnosed that it is the slipped disc and just did the second stretch showed in this video and i got immediate relief! its terrific! i am gonna do more of these stretches going forward and hoping i wud not have to be on all these heavy pain killers and nerve relaxants! Thank you so much Sir, immense respect 🙌

  15. Very nice. Thank you. Do you recommend inversion tables?

  16. Hi Dr. Michael,
    Your suggestions are really great and scientific . But when I do these stretches I do feel decomression, but right after sometime I start feeling my pain somewhat more than it was before ?
    What I might be doing wrong?
    Than you in advanced.

  17. I did the exercises and it made my pain worse down to my calf instead of my hamstring especially the chair one hopefully it gets better the more you do it

  18. I have had very mild pain and tightness in my lower back for months. I put it down to simply getting older (I am mid 50's).
    I came across this video* and tried technique number 3. I used my dining table, a cushion and grabbed the sides. Let my legs hang for 30 seconds. Did it twice. Carefully got back up into standing position. Yes this worked. Mild pain and tightness disappeared after the 2nd go. I sometimes do some upper body stretches first thing in the morning and will add a table top stretch on a regular basis to keep my spine open and the disks in place. Thank you for this.
    * I was looking on YouTube as my husband has had bad back pain for 6-8 months, currently in the middle of all sorts of tests at the Doctors, results due week. Not had an MRI test yet and he will push for one. He tried technique no. 3 once, but no success. I will show him the other 2 techniques and suggest he repeats them as he has worse pain than me and it may take longer.

  19. I think I’m going to fail life. I’m swallowing needs to save my life. I wonder if someone Can take too many Medrol dose packs because I’d do anything for another one right now

  20. Great info. thanks. I have an l4/l5 disk bulge – I'm a body builder, and I am in the recovery process now – I have to avoid training legs completely as any leg exercise aggravates my lower back. However, i can still train upper body, but it causes some tightness and minor irritation sometimes. Do you recommend I cease training all together for a couple weeks to allow the pain to completely subside before slowing adding weights back in?

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