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How to bypass Blocked Websites/Web filters at School,College,Work etc

Welcome back to another computer tutorial. In this video we will look at bypassing those pesky web filters at your School Work or College.
Tutorial on getting Admin access: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWt1POjfkrQ



  1. 5:55 Why shouldn't I install it on my USB stick when I download it at home?

  2. wish i knew this earlier. i ended up finding the dam thing and personally destroyed it twice. first time was to jam the cooling fan with a paperclip. second time i put a huge spider i found outside inside it. the web may had shorted it out. when the sonic wall is destroyed every sight is unlocked. the sonic wall itself looks like a console and it says sonic wall on it. my school gave up and let people watch YouTube during free time not during class

  3. Can you please tell me how to get rid of a really bad block, it doesn’t let me go on anything 😂😂

  4. y'all just search up duck duck go and then you're done

  5. Much appreciations to this great hacker bobbyhack5 on IG. He's the best when it comes tó h into any secured database💯.

  6. Thank you for the tot browsed! Can you make a short cut on my iPad showing Firefox and tor broese so I ac one lick from home thank you so much jim1953speed@gmail

  7. but my school blocks downloads I can't even go to the website without blocking me :/

  8. how to bypass websites on chromebooks

  9. I can't even watch nfl games on my phone on my break @ work they blocked it and even i can't play mobile games it's not like i do this while working i did it while I'm on my break can anyone help how i could play games from the wifi @ work the doesn't allow it

  10. This is the portal to dark web

  11. i know im late but my school does not let you run or install any files its says blocked by administrators

  12. Hello sir i m a studend of computer in Indian

  13. Tor and downloads are blocked

  14. When I opened LAN settings and in proxy section ticked use a proxy the address column is blank and port is given as 80 please help further

  15. i'm in school rn and i accessed youtube inderectly but other block sites won't open and the videos cant play. what should i do?

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