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How to fix door hinges – cupboard cabinet repair

This is three easy ways to fix door hinges on a cabinet or cupboard. In this video i will show you hw to repair very common issue on furniture, doors, cabinets, cupboards and ikea products. If the screw is loose and wont clamp on or you have a big chunk ripped out of the door hinge location, these three easy repairs will help you solve your issue. For more DIY and how to videos LIKE COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE.

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  1. Why do all that dumbshit when you can do this the smart way,,,,,just get a cabinet hinge repair plate…you can thank me later

  2. the very job i need to do. terrific- thanks.

  3. Very nice job with the patching and painting!! I am very impressed!

  4. Being a single mum living in a rental, this has been super helpful, thank you for your easy to follow instructions on how to fix the "holes" as yes……. my son leaned on the door and ripped it off making big holes inside the cupboard.

  5. how to get the screws into it in the first place without spinning on top? Does it take a drill also to make a pilot hole…?

  6. Great information! I was able to fix my cabinet door by myself. Thank you!!

  7. Thankyou, Bill. Much appreciated.

  8. Thank you so much! Can't believe we lived with loose hinges for three years. Tonight I can sleep so well!

  9. Good suggestions. Some hinges have those big fat screws. I used some of those plastic inserts used for license plates and they worked great. I just used a drill bit just smaller than the insert and tapped them in with a hammer and voilà! Hope that helps someone else! Thanks for the great tutorials!

  10. Good morning bob does the Hardner come together or do I have to buy it separately thanks

  11. I really like the way you explained. Could you please tell me the names of the both mixtures ?

  12. and add a dab of construction inside that large hole then stick the hinge into it

  13. Bill is the goat fixed the cabinet door. Now wife is happy and my reward is some sugar sugar 😊

  14. Where did you get the assortment of masonry plugs? Thanks, bc

  15. That is great and all, in my case the third option is what happens BUT the Ikea hinges I have dont even have a screw..

  16. Thank you, method 2 worked for me.

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