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How to fix a Husqvarna blower that will not throttle up or start. Repair vlog

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My name is Bre. I took two years of small engine repair at the local college. When I left school, I fell into a wonderful job at a local small engine shop where I worked the counter for a couple years. In 2010 my husband and I opened up our own small engine shop in central Arkansas where I am able to work alongside my family and best friends. We see over 2,000 pieces of small engine equipment every year, and answer 1,000’s of small engine questions. We specialize in brands such as Briggs and Stratton, Kohler, Echo and Shindaiwa, but work everyday on MANY other brands like Stihl, Husqvarna, Honda, Craftsman, Remington, Red Max, Troy Bilt, Scag, Bad Boy, Hustler, World Lawn, Poulan, Mantis, Etc.. Hopefully, my experience I share, will save you Time, Money and Frustration in the future!

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  1. Thanks very much for your big help. You are very specific and detailed on your guidance.

  2. I've got 125b leaf blower that bogs down at full throttle,I've checked muffler,it's good,changed fuel line ,what else can it be,please help

  3. Incredibly helpful video as always! I have this blower and now I actually WANT it to fail so I can follow along with this video! 🙂

  4. You are welcome to come and fix my Husqvarna B125 anytime!

  5. I still can’t get this darn thing to fire up. And it’s brand new. Had it fired up worked the first week. Now after I prime and it starts then bogs out and will not do anything. 🤯🤬

  6. I puchased the carborator kit with prime bulb and hoses attached and ready for install, from Amazon, $44.66, no cutting. Great job Chickanic!!! Thank You

  7. My uncle has the exact same blower and its basically brand new ashe only used it 3 times but it will only stay running on full throttle. When the throttle lock is disengaged it will stall even if he tries to turn the idle screw up, and as i said it runs perfect at full throttle so dont think its an air/fuel adjustment issue. Anyone have this issue?

  8. Time yes! Frustration No how copy! Lol 😊!

  9. Is it possible to adjust the carburetors like this?

  10. Your pretty and knowledgeable at the same time about men's things such as mechanical engines, equipment!!! Great Job 👍 👍 👍 👍 ❤❤

  11. Thank you for all you do with your Repair videos!. I have a No Start ..125B. Seemed to be flooding, Bought new carb and plug.. No difference… bought a spark tester, good spark
    after the third time of tearing into it, I was going to check the piston for scoring from the Exhaust side. Immediately I noticed the exhaust plug was completely blocked by an insect of some kind. Cleaned the exhaust screen and started on the next pull. Thought that would be something to add to a check list for these 2 cycle engines….

  12. Certain gas station now has rec fuel no preservatives or additives in rec fuel …. They use it for jet planes and racing has a 90 octane rating you can use and small engines and your car

  13. YOU are a Godsend…❤…made it so ez..ty so much for the vid..im subscribing

  14. I just have a quick question. Why do you.wear your wedding ring in some videos when tearing down dirty machines?

  15. Yeah but how do you adjust the carb though? I put the new carb in and I can’t get it started. Saw a video that says from fully closed adjust both idle and high knobs a full turn and a quarter open and go from there. I’ve got spark and compression I’m just a noob with carbs. Please help! Cheers

  16. I have taken my blower apart. It’s a Husqvarna it will start but then when I give it gas it dies it won’t stay running. I think it’s the carburetor. No I left gas in it all winter long. I have had it running and used it the other day, but I can’t get it to stay running now.

  17. So you replaced the Walbro carburetor with a Chinese knock off. Me I buy the rebuild kit. Chinese carbs suck!

  18. if someone brings it to my shop the fuel comes out i will fill it back up with my fuel cause i know my fuel is right.

  19. love your videos thanks foooor making them

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