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We 3D Printed Our Heads To Bypass Facial Recognition Security And It Worked | Forbes

Forbes’s Thomas Brewster wanted to know just how secure facial recognition technology is today and how easy it would be to trick the system. With 3D printed head in hand, it’s a pretty easy feat.

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  1. I'm here because pokerface episode 08

  2. Couldn’t you just put the phone screen up to a another video of your face?

  3. 3:41 Yes, Apple products are really safer and more durable, because there is a three-dimensional laser sensor that works at the depth of the face and at the depth of the eye.

  4. I herd they use iris detection ad well aling with face to detect wetherbuts real face or bot bowna days

  5. I won't be surprised if Apple paid Forbes!
    Now in 2022 Apple Face ID has glitches, it opens to any resemblance!
    What a shame!

  6. We use two-factor authentication with Facial Recognition for added security. Either with PIN or ID Badge.

  7. I am just here to see copied heads. XD
    Bruh! A head needs a mannequin body.
    or a stand if your not window advertising.

  8. If I find a phone all I need is a realistic model of the owner’s head and I can unlock their phone. Easy.

  9. The intelligent scan of the galaxy is very secure….but now there's no intelligent scan😢

  10. I can open my identical twins phone. Voice too. She has newer iPhone.

  11. let's be honest. Unless you are a celebrity and your ex is not a genius trying to get your secret identity with billions of dollars. I doubt would have anough data to collect for the 3d scan, first, then spending the money to print it just to catch with who are you dating now. If you happen to be rich, the best security feature is having a low profile IMO.

  12. One day you will look onto your shelf where your head rests (3D printed one)

    And it will come

    Like a flood of pain

    Pouring down on me

    And it will not let up

    Until the end is here

    And it will come

    Through the darkest day

    In my final hour

    And it will never rest

    Until the clouds are clear

    Until it finds my dreams have disappeared.

    The Stains of Time, Jack. Nature's Time.

  13. Android users are crying rn, they wanted to see iPhone fail. How I always say, iPhone is expensive but damn worth it.

  14. I wonder, had the mask had better painted eyes (the ones on this mask seem almost intentionally unrealistic), if it would fool the iPhones too. They often talk about how much they focus on the eyes with FaceID.

  15. Let face it, people came here hoping to see iPhone failure.

  16. I expected the iphone X to not work with the fake because it BARELY even works on my REAL FACE

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